Discrimination against new ebayers!

  1. I know ebay is full of real and fake sellers/bidders. But what is the best way to accept bids from new, legitimate ebayers?

    I am new to ebay because my ex bf would always just buy or sell stuff for me. I finally got an account of my own, but have only had 1 successful transaction. I tried to bid on SEVERAL auctions (including the Fendi spy zucco, so pretty) from one seller (rose is not a rose here) frequently advertised on a fellow TPFer's deal site. I gave her all the information she wanted in the contact me and was denied when I tried to bid! That auction ended. I tried to bid again on another auction and gave her all my info again saying btw I already sent it once for another auction. She finally responds and says I can only bid on 1 auction. I am once again denied from bidding. I responded and said, no, you never responded to my first message and I never bid.

    I did everything she wanted so why am I prevented from bidding? It seems pretty unfair. Ugh! Thanks for letting me rant.
  2. Way back when ebay was actually a fun place, zero feedback bidders werent a problem. I personally have had too many zero feedback bidders bid, win or do buy it now and never pay or contact me. I havent allowed zero feedback bidders bid on my items for well over a year. (I cancel the bids and then block them) I recommend you maybe buy some inexpensive items on ebay and establish yourself. For instance, my friend started buying address labels and CD's and DVD's. Once a seller can see that you have a history, even recent, of paying on time and quickly, I doubt you will have a problem. Its unfortunate that a few bad buyers can ruin for the rest. I think alot of zero feedback bidders think its a game and they dont realize how much money and time it costs us, the sellers, to list things. Dont give up. Just try and establish a history of prompt payments.
  3. I agree with Oh Donna!; I've never sold anything before, but for those who have (that I know), they've dealt with a ton of nonpaying, zero feedback bidders.

    Buy a couple of inexpensive items that you might need/want. Also, do some research! There are a couple of sellers who will sell to new bidders...some of them require that you do contact them first prior to bidding. Don't worry, you'll be able to bid in no time without problems!
  4. Don't get discouraged, but don't give out tons of information either. As a seller I ask for 0 or less than 10+ feedbacks to contact me first-if/when they do, I try and establish a dialogue-to try and decide for myself if they really are interested, and how and when they're going to pay-this is not always successful, but it generally works. We were all 0 feedbackers once too-I agree with everyone who says start small and establish a record of fast payment and good vibes-good luck!
  5. Same thing happened again with the same seller - pinchrosemary (had to mention her ID this time because of her rudeness)
    greendrv lists her bags quite often and pinchrosemary has great bags, but I think she is extremely unprofessional.

    I have more feedback now, but still emailed her my info so she could allow me to bid. She responded with "look at the second picture". Obviously, she responded to a different message. I messaged my info again asking to be allowed to bid. NO RESPONSE. Of course auction ended and I couldn't bid (though I gave her at least 4 days). If you are a serious seller on eBay, at least keep on top of your auctions and respond appropriately. If you have clauses in your auction, UPHOLD THEM or just say no eBayers with less than 10 feedback - period.
    I'm never buying anything from her now and warn new buyers to stay away too because they'll never get the chance to bid.
  6. If you have a seller like this then do not buy from her no matter how good the bag looks. If sellers cannot take the time to answer questions then this reads alarm bells to me. I know its annoying for sellers (like myself) to keep answering the same questions but they should.
    I agree with Oh Donna, you do need to build your feedback up. Sellers are always nervous of new ebay members, half the time they do not understand how ebay works or think its a game. I do not block new people from bidding on my items but I always email them before the end of auction to make sure they know they are going into a legally binding contract and they will pay. If I get no answer I delete their bid.
  7. This is exactly what I do. I ask for all bidders with less than 10+ FB to contact me before bidding, and then try to get a feel for who they are and how much experience they have. I actually met a very cool tPFer once that way! :yahoo:

    If someone with very low feedback bids without contacting me first, I'll drop them a friendly message asking whether they understand the terms and conditions, etc. If they do, fine, I let the bid stay - but if I don't get a response within a day or two, or if they are rude or illiterate, I'll delete the bid. It's not discrimination, it's just that I've had several rotten experiences with new eBayers and I'd rather not repeat them.

    On eBay, communication is the #1 most important thing, IMO. If I got no response from a seller or a buyer for four days, I would not do business with them. :yucky:
  8. Honestly, a seller can cry and whine until the cows come home about not wanting 0-feedback bidders to bid on their items, but they can't do anything if you snipe their auction at the last minute...and if you pay right away, they'd be a fool to refuse your payment!
  9. And also to add, some of my low-feedback buyers are THE BEST. I actually tend to have more problems with bidders with higher feedback numbers than the low ones!
  10. ^^so true. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but I wish ebay had some way of blocking zero fb bidders or even zero fb questions. I hate the whole "I know you are bored" emails.
  11. hippiechic, I'm with you 100%! At least get back to me within 5 days--after I message you twice with everything you wanted!
    I really can understand being wary of low feedback people (i'm just a buyer, not a seller)--I guess it's not discrimination on her part, but unprofessionalism. pinchrosemary did have nice stuff so I'll be sad.

    Thanks for all the feedback ladies! I guess I can always look for tpf direct sales later!
  12. Frankly, I think you'll find something better and a more congenial seller elsewhere on ebay. As a seller, I have a 0, less than 10 or any neg feedback statement that asks any of those people to contact me first. However, I would NEVER think to demand all the information your seller did-it's way too much. I wouldn't do it out of principle. While it is true that the more feedback you have the better, a lack of feedback does not in any way mean you would not be an A+ buyer. eBay is a business, and they are hardly going to turn away new customers-it would be fair to ask, for example, IMO, how you plan to pay for an itm-but I wouldn't give any acct. info. Buyer beware-there are plenty of threads right here in tPF to help you with eBay, authenticate and learn about bags, etc-and we were all 0 feedbackers once, too-Good Luck! and just work at doing the things suggested here to make you a buyer to be excited about!
  13. Sometimes it is best to buy a few things that are not high ticket items and get some feedback before bidding on items that will sell for a few hundred dollars. I sell on Ebay and I buy on Ebay. As a seller. I block new ebayers with less than 5 feedback scores. I ask for certain information to be included when they contact me. If they don't include the information in with the question they submit, to me it just means they did not read the listing thoroughly...
  14. Well, I have an eBay account since 2001 (I think), and I have never ever used it. I registered because I wanted to check eBay out, but there was nothing I wanted to buy at that time.
    Now, however, I am thinking about buying some pre-owned LV, and no way in hell I am going to buy someone else's trash to boost up my feedback. You may keep your old Celine Dion CDs (bad example, je sais), or your old books!
  15. Definitely good advice here -- just build up your feedback. One more thing: make sure you can pay with paypal. Sometimes sellers get nervous if they have to wait for a newbie to send them a money order in the mail. I've personally had newbies send me personal checks when my auctions clearly state that I don't take them. Just make yourself as desirable a buyer as possible.