Tory Burch Discriminated for being a man

Well, ha! They are absolutely gorgeous on you, so you proved them all 100% wrong!

Some people are very closed-minded and strange, I would move on and live your best life. My guess is from many of your other posts is that you suffer or have suffered from people thinking think 'this' or 'that'. People can think what they like, but they shouldn't open their mouth, they're probably either jealous of your confidence or have some issues. What difference to them what you wear? :shrugs:

Enjoy the attention, enjoy those glorious boots, men historically wore knee-high (and over-knee) boots before women - and you can tell people so if it ever comes up.

Women suffer a lot with this too. Doing my best mid-70s NY-NY disco look, one market stall-holder sniggered and shouted in the LOUDEST VOICE POSSIBLE to another in Portobello (London) that no one in their right mind would put those shoes (silver heeled-sandals) with a belted leather trench.

DMs and chunky shoes are in now, but years ago I was working at a fashion trade fair (during LFW). My boss, who until then had been a friend (and colleague elsewhere) told me my shoes were unacceptable and tomorrow I either came in heels or not to bother showing-up. He also told me to wear more make-up. I did as asked as it was a work situation, but I never worked with or saw him again (and he still owes me some perspex heels he borrowed for a campaign shoot).

Those are just 2 examples. I get comments, looks, stares and sniggers about what I choose to wear almost everyday (good and bad). The alternative of being the world's most boring person would kill me.

If you felt belittled and discriminated against then please write to TB. Just remember that there may be very sever consequences for that person, even for their future career, so you may want to address it to a company policy and not against just the individual. IMO, this is a company-wide matter and a staff-training issue. Then you will have done every future customer a service (as well as help educate HR/company) rather than let them scape-goat one person. At the end of the day they should not care who they sell what to, so long as they sell.

BTW, I regularly wear men's shoes (in fact my most expensive shoes were adapted from the mens line - there are very few women's bespoke shoemakers).

You do YOU XXX
Yeah I agree that some people are very strange and closed minded I wear men’s knee high boots a lot and still get **** on by some random people but worse than being told that only women should wear long boots which I also got that comment from someone. I still didn’t really cared for their nonsense comments and name calling I basically just ignored them.
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