Discrepanices among Gucci handbags and dustbags..

  1. I have several Gucci handbags, and I've noticed a lot of differences among them, even when they're the same style. Why do some of them have the brown dustbags with the gold gucci logo, and some have a black monogram dustbag? and why is the interior leather Gucci tag thicker on some bags than on others?

    I've also noticed that the beige monogram canvas can come in different shades. Some of them are lighter, some of them are darker, and some of them are a little shinier. Does anyone know why there's all these subtle differences?
  2. Well you some of what you are saying is very true. Gucci has ecently changed dustbags... I have never seen a black monogramed dustbag but several of my bags are in a really dark brown monogram dustbag... many of my newer bags like since january are in a light brown dustbag with gold writing... many designers makke changes over time.

    Gucci recently started using a pebbled leather on some of their bags which could affect thickness of the tags.

    The monogram come is a few different versions. Of course the black, navy and 2 versions of the tan/brown. There is a tan back ground with a chocolate G and there is now a tan background with a gold shimmery G (the shimmery fabric usually comes with a metallic trim like platino or gunmetal)

    New Shimmery GG fabric[​IMG]

    Standard Brown/tan GG fabric


    Hope this helps
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  4. Yesterday when we had our TPF get together I asked why my black Guccissima is not as deeply stamped as my brown one. I was told because everything is hand made. She also she that every year they change the interior of the bag. So that way they know what year the bag is from. Like my New Britt hobo has red, green and white stripe lining. She said this year the same bag is going to have a brown lining.

    I know they changed their dust bags recently. I have both the newer brown cotton flannel ones and I also have the dark satin ones with the GG logo all over.
  5. dirty vs non dirty (light vs dark)

    haha im so funny :smile:

    no but a lot of the brand new bags when they first come out they sometimes have a fun print inside and if they sell well and get inducted in the classic line the inside would be the same one tone color as others! :smile:

    as every one as said, the dust bags recently changed and while the new ones arent as snazzy but they keep the dust out better!

  6. do you think it's possible that the older models of the Gucci platino have dark fabric?
  7. i love the old dustbags, hehe they look nice enough to use as bags :p
  8. Oh I disagree =) I think the new sleeper bag is MUCH nicer than the old nylon one. More like the REALLY old sleeper, which was white with a Gucci crest on it.
  9. I also love the new bags!! i actally don't like the old bags they snag really easily
  10. How many have at least one of the "old" sleeper bag. . . .white cotton with the Gucci crest? Does anyone want to see a photo of one?
  11. I just joined this forum last night when I got my Gucci model # 159406 hobo in the mail from an ebayer. I have checked many websites giving tips of how to tell a real from a fake and I only remaining questions are following: 1. There is a model # and a serial # on the reverse of the leather tag. I understand that every bag of the same model will have the same number on the first line, but the number on the bottom line...is that supposed to be different for EACH bag...or is it the same for every gucci bag of the same model. 2.) are the gucci biba #159406 bags supposed to have the "pebbly" leather or the smooth leather. Mine has smooth leather.
    Please help! Thanks, I appreciate it a ton!!
  12. oooh, i love the old GG dustbag. I use it inside my open totes to keep things secure :yes:
  13. ive never seen it! i wanna see...how long ago was this? im guessing its kind of like the prada and versace ones???

    i only started collecting when i started college...4 years ago :smile:
  14. This sleeper bag is from a Gucci my mother gave me 36 years ago. Unfortunately the Gucci suffered from my children =) but I salvaged the sleeper bag, and use it now not only for odds and ends but also because my mother (now deceased) gave it to me in 1971. I will take a photo tomorrow and post it. It is a little the worse for wear. . . . . oh my. (Mother gave my sister and I the same bag that year, and my sister still has the bag and the sleeper bag. . . .her children came later =)
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