Discovery: How to clean handles without building up patina

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  1. Last Friday on my way to work I was reading the metro newspaper leaning it against my azur speedy resting on my lap. Result: an ugly black line along one of the handles, which was just newspaper ink:wtf:. Panic!!! I spend the whole day thinking on how to tackle the stain. My speedy handles still have this piggy pink tint of new and I would like to avoid patina as long as I can...

    What solved the problem: I used a freshly washed (right out of the washing machine, thus still damp) microfibre cloth, I rubbed the handle vigorously, the stain came off but it left a wet patch. This dried overnight and the leather did not darken since no oil was applied. I thought I would share it with you, I am ex-tre-me-ly careful with my bags/clothes and other items. Cheers!:heart:
  2. thanks for the tip :flowers:
  3. You are VERY brave! Congrats on tackle that menace of a stain! I am ALWAYS looking for new ways to clean my vachetta! I might try this if I have an emergency!
  4. thanks !
  5. good idea, i used baby wopes the other day it it made it alittle darker =/
  6. ^I used baby wipes too and the handle was darker than before, cleaner but darker! :s So thank you for the tip! :flowers:
  7. What color was the microfiber cloth that you used? I have some yellow and some blue ones.
  8. Um. Thank you so much for this! I use microfiber cloths on just about everything!
  9. thanks i will try it on my speedy monogram
  10. Thank you for the tip!!!
  11. Great tip...Thanks!!
  12. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Where do you get these microfiber cloths?
    I'm so clueless.hehe.
    THANKS for the tip!!!
  14. Thank you for the tip.
  15. Thanks! Great tip!:tup: