Discovering your handbag personality

  1. Hi Ladies: I am in the process of cleaning out the handbag closet, and I realize I have FINALLY discovered my handbag personality. It took me a few years and lots of mistakes to really confront and discover who I was handbag-wise. So, out go the conservative bags, and I never bought into the trendy or IT bags. I am not a slouchy pouchy bag gal either.
    I have discovered I am a classic, tasteful eclectic. I like Mulberry and Gryson with a Celine Boogie and Vuitton Speedy and Petit Noe thrown in. I am satisfied and complete.
    Do you feel you have really figured out your handbag personality? Or are you still all over the map and making purchasing mistakes?
  2. what a great thread idea! I am an It bag girl, and a collector, meaning i love having at least one of almost every high end designer. Currently the family consists of Chanel (my Holy Grail label: currently i have 12), Fendi (1), Gucci (2), Chloe(1); Dior(1); Balenciaga(2); MuiMui(1), Prada(1), LV(4), Dolce & Gabbana(1). No Nancy Gonzalez, BV, Marc Jacobs, Carlos Falchi, YSL, Valentino - but a girl's gotta stop somewhere !

    am not conservative, have what i call classic with an edge bags (for example, the Chanel GST), trendy (Chanel vinyl Coco Cabas and Chanel Naked bag) and limited edition bags (for example, the LV Graffiti Speedy and Gucci floral print originally made for Grace Kelly) I do have 2 truly classic bags: the Chanel Jumbo flap and a timeless Chanel tote from the mid 90's.

    I love this thread!
    would love to hear everyone else's bag personality :smile:
  3. I think that I'm getting close to knowing my style!

    I know that I am classic and stay away from the trendy bags. I prefer a structured bag, and prefer handheld or messenger (LOVE the messenger) styles. I do have a few shoulder bags, and those are good for the right situation.

    I have my share of neutrals, but am not at all afraid of colors, especially red.

    My collection now is 5 or 6 coach, 1 mulberry, 10 or so LV (split between mono, epi and damier) and 3 Hermes.

    Long term, I see myself more with Hermes simply based on the quality and longevity of the styles. However, I think that I will always own an LV mono speedy 30!
  4. Since I've joined tPF, I think I've learned a lot about my style. I'm classic and conservative, with a trendy streak thrown in. I love LV, especially the EPI line, and I dream of Hermes. But I also like LV Monogram Canvas, which isn't very conservative, but is a classic... and I love most of LV's limited edition lines- Panda and Graffiti in particular. I also adore Ferragamo, and find it great for work and wallets- it's very classic and isn't too flashy.

    I think my handbag style is basically like my clothing style. I have tons of Ann Taylor and Banana Republic clothes (for work), and on weekends I tend to wear Juicy and SKY and T-Bags... but even then, not the MOST trendy stuff. Does anyone think their clothing and handbag styles differ a lot?
  5. My bag style has changed. I used to be into more bright, colorful bags and now i'm leaning towards subtle, classic, neutral designs. My current bag is a Coach Ergo Hobo (khaki/mahogany logo) and my next purchase is going to be a Speedy sometime next year.

    I'm starting to realize that I don't need a TON of handbags, and that 3 or 4 classic ones are better (for me!) than a buttload of trendy bags that I buy on a whim.
  6. I really think I have figured out my handbag personality.

    First I know that I like to have bags that come from a range of designers: Chanel, Balenciaga, LV, Hermes, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Dooney, Coach, and nondesigner.

    Second I know that I like most of my bags to have color as long as it is done in a tasteful manner.

    Third, for the most part I am not into IT bags. I prefer to get styles that are tasteful with lasting power, that won't look dated after a certain length of time.

    So that pretty much sums up my bag personality.
  7. I'm just beginning my bag collection, but I can see my inclinations thus far are a mix of classic and trendy. I would like to invest in some classic bags that will last me 10+ years (LV mono speedy) but I'm not immune to lusting over the latest it bag (Botkier Black Rose Satchel).

    But right now I'm more concerned with building a good foundation of a few classic bags that will take me anywhere, and then I'll allow myself the trendy it bag here and there.
  8. I am with you. Since finding TPF I have gotten rid of a whole lot of bags and started to acquire a base of classic timeless bags. I kept a Burberry, but other than that am limiting my collection to LV and Chanel. I love the bags I have now and feel like I have one for any such occasion that may come up.
  9. Great idea! i buy bags to boost my confidence! i wear my lv gm manhattan to important business meetings so people will take me seriously! *i look like i'm in my teens still! i love looking trendy, but classic trendy i.e. looking for that perfect the mean time, my boyfriend thinks i'm nuts!
  10. In the past, I had so many black bags in different sizes and shapes - but all black! Then I discovered tPF and I've changed. No more black bags! The colors I have are browns, silver, grenat, anthracite, & marine. Even though no black is present, I think I've chosen bags that aren't trendy and I can put them to use at any time.

    I also like the idea of smaller, handheld bags but unfortunately I don't have the lifestyle to go with it - I don't drive and I carry just a few too many items. At the end of the day, I feel as if I'm carrying a ton condensed into a small package.

    In the future, I'd like to add Miu Miu, Ferragamo, Gucci and maybe a Fendi (for that edge)!
  11. When I was younger it was all about LV and Gucci...and monograms. I also had a ton of black bags!! Now, I like mostly all leaher bags...I would really like to buy a Chanel...that is my ultimate bag to purchase in 2008. I only do shoulder bags though. Even though I really like the satchel style, it's not for me.

    I'm also branching out and choosing bags w/ more color. I looooove deep chocolate brown. I also bought my first metallic bag this year and even though I was a little sub-conscience that it was too flashy, I ended up loving it!!

    Thanks to this forum I continually learn so much. I love looking at everyone's collections and styles.

  12. My bag style has changed as well. I used to be into all the "it" bags...had to have the paddington, spy, Balenciaga, edith, betty, muse, etc. I sold them all and went back to LV. I'm in love with LV again!! I'm strictly a handheld bag gal though.
  13. My handbag taste is all over the place. I've got everything from Maxx NY and Francesco Biasia to LV and Gucci. I gravitate to satchels and swingpacks, although I've got other styles too. I love metallics and vivid colors, though not pastels. And my clothes do not reflect my taste in handbags. I'll get a clearance item any day from NY&Co but I don't carry their bags!
  14. I've very recently changed my purse style. I used to love little bags because I (thought I) didnt like carring much around with me. I found myself stuffing so much into idy-bitty bags that they wouldnt close!!! Alas I broke down and bought a BIG bag, and I love it!!! No more eensy-weensy bags for me! Well, actually I keep a couple of small bags, because they too have their place. My fav bag right now is my Spy bag, but I'm waiting for my first balenciaga to arrive, so that might change. Since my new desire for bigger bags, I've totally started my collection over, so it's small but growing. My collection will be done when....I have one of each in every color!;)
  15. :yes: me too