Discovering that handheld bags are not for me..

  1. In the past few months, I have been buying several handheld LV's...Azur and Mono Speedies, Tivoli PM...but over time I have come to the conclusion...I am not liking bags I can't fit over my shoulder and keep hands-free! In fact, I just sold my Tivoli and mono speedy to fund a Chanel Medallion tote! I will probably keep one handheld bag in my collection for something different, but really, I guess I am more of a shoulder bag kind of girl. Do any of you gravitate towards one or the other? :shrugs:
  2. I gravitate to bags I can put on my shoulder (especially when I am shopping) like to have my hands free) but, alas soo many of the really pretty LV are handbags sort of gettting use to it.
  3. I have a mono Speedy that I rarely use bec.I'm more of a shoulder bag person.
    I thought I could get use to handheld bags but it's a struggle up to now. My lifestyle
    is more of hands-free when it comes to any bags. So, shoulder bag/messenger or any bag with long strap is more practical to me on a daily basis. I do love the look of handheld bags, very lady like, just not convenient for me as an everyday bag.
  4. I prefer the handheld. It's just more comforatble for me. I do not have wide shoulders and shoulder bags always slide off. I carry my LV's in the crook of my arm.:smile:
  5. I prefer shoulder bags. I wish that I liked to carry the handheld bags, but shoulder bags are just so much more comfortable to me.
  6. I prefer shoulder bags, but my collection is a mix of both. :yes:
  7. I prefer shoulder bags but that doesn't stop me from buying handheld LV.:rolleyes: I wouldn't mind the hand held if so many of the LV I like didn't have the vachetta handles which get dirty soooo quickly.:tdown:
  8. I am going to have to get rid of the shoulder bags that cannot be used on the arm or as cross body. Even if I switch shoulders they get tired. And the bag falling off my shoulder thing is awful as my bag is usually heavy enough to do some damage. I need bags that can be carried cross body/shoulder or shoulder/arm and prefer handbags.
  9. I like the hands-free aspect of shoulder bags, but I too have a problem with them falling off my shoulder. The only way I can keep them on is to hold it onto my shoulder with my hand, and then it's like, I'm not hands-free anymore. So I mostly have handheld bags.
  10. I just can't handle a bag that I can't wear on my shoulder. I've now given or sold all my satchel type bags.....

  11. I have both but I tend to be more comfortable with the handheld/arm bags.
  12. I prefer hand held that are long enough to also be worn on the shoulder. Long shoulder bags(where the bag hits at the hip) are just too long. I have long, thick curly hair and it gets pulled a lot when I wear bags with long shoulder straps.
  13. I prefer bags that I can wear on my shoulder because I usually take my nice purses with me when I go shopping. I only have two handheld bags but I don't use them as much.
  14. My preference is satchels, but I do love my YSL Tribute bag that fits nicely on my shoulder.
  15. I like both! I think it's good to have both kinds.