Discovered a negative to signature fabric

  1. Before I bought my khaki/coal Large Bleecker Flap I had never regularly carried a bag in Coach signature fabric. Because I really love the bag, I have been carrying it almost non-stop since I bought it and I've noticed that my sweaters pill like crazy on the side where I most commonly carry my bag. :sad: It seems to have no effect on the bag itself, which still looks as nice as ever, but it is ruining my sweaters and sweater dresses.

    So I think I will need to wear this bag with a jacket that won't pill (i.e. no wool coats) or with outfits that aren't knit. In the winter, that really restricts my options. I may just have to wear a leather bag for the rest of the season.

    Given this discovery (maybe other people knew it all along), I will have to seriously consider whether any signature bags are worth it in the future. And I again reiterate that I REALLY hope they do a line of fall bags in the coated canvas! I wasn't completely sold on the idea of the coated, but not pilling garments is a BIG plus for me. :yes:
  2. Thank you for posting this, so far my only signature items are wristlets. I won't be getting a signature bag now, I love my sweaters!
  3. I've noticed this as well for some of my dresses...but it happens with a lot of my handbags
  4. Ooh, thanks for the warning. I've never had a signature bag before, and just got one. I'll be careful.
  5. Oh thanks so much for posting this! I will be sure to wear my leather bags with my sewaters and knits!
  6. I, too, appreciate this post. I only have a small bleecker signature bag that I mainly wear at the crook of my elbow. It probably doesn't rub on my sweaters but now I'll be aware! I'm not buying anymore signature bags. I prefer the all leather ones, anyway.
  7. Do you know if this is an issue with the coated canvas? I'm about to buy the new Multi-Purpose bag for a travel bag, but don't want to damage my wool coats and sweaters that's for sure. That coated canvas fabric looks really nice and I thought it would be durable and easy to keep clean.
  8. Wow I have been carrying signature for years and never noticed a problem...
  9. Me either! But yet, my signature bag is several years old. Wonder if they are doing something or changed a part of the fabric?
  10. I only have signature bags and never noticed anything problems with my clothes.
  11. I also have signature bags and have never had any issues :shrugs:
  12. ^^I was just gonna post this same answer handbag*girl... never had a problem w/mine... and all I own is signature bags...
  13. Just like many others... I have used signature fabric bags for years with no noticable issues.
  14. How long have you had the bag Haute?? Have you tried possibly going back to the store where you bought it from and ask them if anyone else has any problems w/it or?? Maybe somehow it was a "defected" bag???
  15. My Carly's do this to my t-shirts too. I just accept it, because like others, I have had bags do this in the past. Vera Bradley's did it to me, so I just have learned to accept it. I am a t-shirt and jeans girl, no fancy duds for me really. I guess if my clothes were more expensive I would worry more. Sorry about your sweaters Haute!