Discouraged over reaction to my new LV :(

Nov 9, 2006
Hi, my husband bought me a Mono Neverfull MM for my birthday. I was so excited, saw the LV locks to cinch on this forum immedately purchased them and placed on each side of my bag. Carried it out for the 1st time yesterday and came home almost in tears. The looks I received were horrible. Previously I mostly carried my Gucci Britt and loved that tote. The end of that bag without leather began fraying so I sold it. Hubby wanted to buy me a quality tote that would last and not fray. I choose the Neverfull, which is what LV's least expensive bag. And NOW I feel awful for carrying it. I live in a very nice area (close to Bay) where most people could easily afford LV, but mostly carry Coach. Safety is not a concern.

I have seen posts where this is no new issue. I'm just heart broken because I was so excited for this bag. My husband said to just ignore them. I'm going to carry it out again this weekend and see if this continues. I imagine it will.

Please give me your thoughts. I love the LV Damier Ebene Neverfull and am thinking I should sell the Mono and replace with Damier. I don't want to feel like I can't carry my LV tote out for only certain occasions. Looking for a quality everyday tote that preferably won't attract negative stares.


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Feb 9, 2010
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Honestly, your husband's right - just ignore them. If people are looking, that's their problem, not yours. I'm sure they're looking because they're jealous! :P

If you'd feel more comfortable with a Damier bag (because it certainly is much less recognisable as LV to most people), that's a different story. Just carry what you love! :smile:


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Aug 6, 2010
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I say just ignore it. Half of those looks are jealous people or they might be admiring your bag. When did you buy it because you can trade it for the Ebene if you haven't had it for a long time.


Sep 16, 2008
Being comfortable enough in your skin to rock anything whether its $10 bag to a $1000 bag is the best defense to those kinds of negative people. If you feel a million bucks inside more than likely you won't even notice 'the haters' that will be watching you on the outside to even let it bother you!

Rock your bag with beaming pride don't compromise a bag you LVoe for the sake of other peoples opinions!
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May 22, 2007
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I agree with all of the other posters and I'm sure that I won't be the last. If the Monogram tote is what you wanted and it makes YOU happy then, who gives a darn if other people don't like it? People are always going to have something to say about everything. Are we supposed to make ourselves fit to what other people say should be?

Imagine if everyone in your life wanted you to be a different way....you'd be a collage of everyone else and not really a whole.
Nov 9, 2006
I say just ignore it. Half of those looks are jealous people or they might be admiring your bag. When did you buy it because you can trade it for the Ebene if you haven't had it for a long time.
Unfortunately, that is not an option. I purchased a slightly used one online. It has that lovely honey patina. When I purchased the locks, the LV employees were admiring it and told me how lucky I was to have found it. I really wanted this one because I would be extremely OCD over a brand new one with light trim.

I "think" I'll purchase a Damier Ebene and carry it. I doubt anyone will even know its an LV. I really don't want to part with the Mono, but would if it made me feel more comfortable. It's just a shame. I admire designer handbags when I see other women carrying them. Sometimes even compliment them and you can see their face light up. Most people just don't get it as I'm sure you all know.
Jan 31, 2009
just ignore them and enjoy your bag. I had my first and second LV this year and I've encountered a lot of comments and reactions from my friends, some are good and some are not so nice, but still I am happy because from their reactions I knew who truly cares for me, who thinks of my happiness and being happy for me.


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Jan 24, 2010
Ignore it. I get negative stares too as a student, and a lot of people think I'm too young to have a Speedy. Haters can keep hating, lol.

To be quite frank, much of the negativity comes from the fact that either: 1) people are jealous or 2) people are bitter because it is an economic crisis and you can afford a luxury bag. Regardless of the reason, it isn't our responsibility to have to feel bad because we can afford things. Sorry to say, but I'm not going to stop living the life that I want just because it makes you feel bad.

I say that you should give the mono NF another try. At first, my parents were concerned about me getting a mono Speedy because they said it would attract too much attention. So I went to the store and I was trying to force myself to like the damier print. I realized at the end that the mono was what made me happiest, so I bought it anyway and it was a good call.

You want to make sure that the bag you have is a bag you love. Don't settle for less.
Jun 20, 2010
I know exactly how you feel, I have family members that 'scold' me for owning my mono speedy 30 that my boyfriend bought for me!

it's hard to really enjoy your bag when you know others are giving you the dirty look.

think of it this way: i know you're jealous.. ***** :dothewave:
Oct 6, 2006
New Jersey
I love my mono MM neverfull! wear it with pride and don't worry what people say or how they look at you. It's an awesome tote bag. I've never noticed stares when I wear mine.... probably b/c I don't pay attention to people around me lolol Don't worry, and keep using your bag... :biggrin:


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Oct 30, 2007
You know it is kind of funny. I bought an epi speedy because I didn't want to draw attention to the fact that it was a LV. So, I took it to the mall & low and behold was this lady that was admiring it. I honestly forgot about carrying it.....She didn't say anything. I could just tell by her sweet smile she knew. I know it's hard we all want to be accepted for everything we do. But I heard something before that goes something like this. (Some what relates to your situation)........ You can give someone a car for free provide free maintenance, and free gas & SOME people will find fault with it. Where I live people don't carry LV unless they're fake. Even their coach purses aren't real. So, you can go the unrecognizable LV route or carry your mono with pride. :biggrin: