Discounts at Chloé Bahrain

  1. Hello, I just got an email from Chloé Bahrain yesterday and here's what they have on sale:

    Tracys, Ediths and selected Paddingtons 30% off
    Patsys at 50% off

    Not sure what the exact prices are but with the recent after X'mas sales, it looks like we still got better discounts here. I'm posting these in case you find something you like. They ship anywhere in the world and you don't have to pay taxes (as far as I have experienced, anyway). When you call, ask for Ann or Leena.

    Here are some pics:
    betty2.JPG chloe 008.jpg edith large muscade.JPG edith small.JPG PADDINGTON '06 044.jpg
  2. Here are the remaining pics:
    SILVERADO '06 056.jpg tracy 2tone.JPG tracy black.JPG
  3. How do I get in touch with them?
  4. Oooops! Sorry about that... Here's the number :

    TEL # +973 17 58 78 74
    FAX # +973 17 58 05 70


    Forgot to add the Bettys are 30% off too.

    They're open from 10am to 10 pm so just factor in time difference. Good luck! :smile:
  5. Ohhh interesting. If anybody calls and gets prices please post them. I'm trying to save for a bag and I need to pay for another one I purchased, but I'm intrigued by these pictures!!
  6. I got another email from Leena, the Ediths are now 40% off!!! She said she had tons in different styles and colours so call her now! :yahoo:I emailed her back for exact prices.
  7. Does she have an eMail address. Can we contact her by eMail?
  8. Eucalyptic : I'm impressed! I never thought to check Bahrain, lol. I didn't realize they could ship from there. Do you know how to find out what other boutiques they might have? I've heard there are some pretty nice stores in the Middle East, but never really paid attention, as I didn't imagine the info would help me much unless I went.
  9. There is some ridiculously great shopping in Dubai - but I don't have any relationships there - you'd have to look them up
  10. Yup! Great shopping in Bahrain and most specially in Dubai! I got my first Chloé Paddington Tan at the Sacoche Boutique in Bahrain and I still love that bag. Too bad they didn't have the bag I was looking for.
  11. Wow those are great prices!!!!!!
  12. Okay, here are more photos of what's on sale. They are supposed to send me the price list in a separate email but, I'm still waiting. The Bettys are to die for and they have a taupe coloured Tracy that I haven't seen anywhere else!
    chloe 022.jpg Edith Large Brun.jpg Edith Large Edith.JPG Edith Large1 Rouge.JPG Edith Mastic.jpg
  13. More photos:
    BETTY Acier.jpg BETTY Blue.jpg Betty Ecuriel.JPG bronze betty.JPG silverado.JPG
  14. including shipping and conversions, are the prices still better than those on sale at Neiman's?