Discounted designer bag online stores.

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  1. So, the passed few weeks i've been looking online at discounted stores, since i'm wanting to buy my mom and bestfriend a nice bag, it will add up! So I thought i'd shop around more (which is not something I do a lot. I'm a very impromptu shopper).

    So I came across a few bag stores that didn't guarantee authenticity - so is it right of me to just assume that they are not? Because if they are not going to state it, then they may be hiding something?

    Also, i've come across a website that does guarantee authenticity or money back. So because they guarantee authenticity, is that all I have to look out for?

    I'm don't mind paying a discounted retail price for authentic handbags, but I definitely don't want to pay a few hundred in a bag that's made poorly.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  2. If getting a product that is made by a particular company, designer, etc. is important to you, although this is not at all my area of expertise, from what I have learned on here, while it is possible to obtain such items at a discounted price, it's not something you can count on finding specifically this week or next, it takes some work, and step one of the work is identifying vendors that are known to sell only truthfully labeled merchandise.

    Because you are working under a deadline, you might want to re-map your plan. First decide which takes precedence - getting them bags of a particular brand/designer, or spending no more than a certain sum.

    Once you have established that, you can decide whether to visit the websites of the designers you like, to see their offerings and get the addresses of their authorized resellers, or whether to take a look at possible gifts that while they might not be designer bags - or even bags at all - would be something that the recipients will absolutely love, use all the time, and remember you when they do!

    My favorite trick for achieving that is to familiarize myself with their current closet residents, and look for something that will go with a lot of things they already have!
  3. Hey thanks!

    I talked to the people from the company and saw their ebay store + Feedback and everything checks out, so i'm going shopping!:smile:

    Thanks for the help!
  4. Just because a company says guaranteed or your money back does NOT make them authentic. It just makes it more difficult to get your money back if it isn't authentic. Before you buy anything, you should post the item in the authenticate this thread of the designer you're buying.
  5. Which brand are you looking to buy? If you tell us, we may be able to help you find reputable discount sites.

  6. Well, I found a few places for Prada and Gucci which are the ones I care for more. Because I don't mind spending a few hundred here and there for bags, but my partner and I are bag crazies - and we have our own closets dedicated for our purse addiction and it will add up.

    So buying items like Coach isn't bad because we can afford to get new bags from Coach more often. But it's when the bags get to the thousands where it's like, alright.. we gotta pace ourselves there. Which we're bad at doing.

    So if there's anything out there that you know is honest, let me know:smile: We'll be forever grateful for helping us feed our habit! :yes:
  7. Most of the online stores are fakes.