discounted coach?

  1. i don't live near any outlets, which is a problem that a lot of people might face.

    so where do you guys get coach bags on sale/cheaper?
  2. eBay. or the pce.
  3. dept. stores like Macy*s will usually have them on clearance
  4. i always forget about macy's, lol. dillard's has some on clearance occasionally, too.

  5. I live in Central Alaska on a military base. There are no Coach outlets or authorized dealers anywhere near us :sad: So I have to buy ALL my Coach on eBay or at

    I cant wait to get back to the lower 48!!!
  6. Yup, macy's have 25% off or clearance sale on coach purses.
  7. Dillards or Von Maur will have Coach handbags on clearance. Why, just this past weekend, Dillard's had an extra 40% off of ALL clearance items INCLUDING Coach...and of course those went faster than a blink of an eye.
  8. if you are patient, and a good shopper, you can haunt the local TJMaxx/Marshall stores...I've gotten pretty good deals there on wallets/mini skinnys/small purses
  9. does macy's do clearance on their whole stock? or just a select few bags on occasion?
  10. ^select bags that are past season now.

    i think last time i was there, it was holiday patchwork stuff and beaded totes.
  11. oh i love TJ Maxx...i got a white soho flap (the one with two pockets that are covered by the flap) for 180 when it retailed for 298.

  12. ooo i'm so jealous, TJMaxx has some nice things sometimes, depending on how recently they've been sent things from department stores. Marshalls is the same concept. it's hit or miss, but i've seen some lovely coach and i bought a GREAT DOONEY (see sig pic) that i love! there are some real finds there sometimes!
  13. I went to Marshall's and saw an ipod shuffle case for...are you ready...$12. I wished I had an ipod shuffle after seeing that! They also had the bag with the bees for $199 (retail I think was ~$260)...

    But I agree that TJMaxx and Marshall's are hit or miss.
  14. They really are hit and miss. And I sometimes spend an hour just lurking through all the bags and sometimes find nothing (Dooney and Bourke is proudly displayed at my TJ Maxx so as soon as you walk in there is this HUGE display)...they even had some Prada wallets so I would go once a week to see what they have.
  15. Marshalls can be great, especially if you go when a shipment comes in. The best ones to go to are ones in nice neighborhoods. The one in Costa Mesa in Orange County, Ca, has some great bags. I was there for Christmas, and it's was hard not to buy myself a bunch of purses. I also managed to get my best friend a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses for under 20 bucks.