DISCOUNTED bags!! yay!

  1. So I went to the Northridge mall in Northridge, CA tonight and went into this store called Up Against The Wall (guess they are all over, not sure exactly where though). Anywho they had lots of bags marked 30% off!! I got a pirata mamma mia for $91.90. I was there at closing and they had 1 more pirate, 2 adios, 1 paradiso, some of the mini bags in diff prints, 1 foresta zucca, some buon viaggio and can't remember what else. But call your local store and see what they have and what's on sale. They had some lamore but it was full price.

    Northridge is 818-734-0055, sorry I don't know if they charge send.

    oh and I know they have stores in the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills, CA; Lakewood, CA; Concord, CA; Georgetown, DC
  2. oh this is exciting, i have searched for anything foresta so I will call tomorrow!
  3. wtf foresta zucca?! amazing!
  4. That's some great bargains!!!!
  5. ah I want the foresta zucca!!

    I asked around and that's one of the stores people told me I should visit :shocked: but I haven't had time to go to the location nearest here :sad:
  6. Someone already put the foresta zucca on hold.
  7. Was it you?? :graucho: I've never seen a zucca in the up against the wall stores up here. :sad:
  8. I wish it was me...:sad:
  9. Awww, man :sad: sorry...I was hoping it was someone on here
  10. Yeah.. I called too but they said someone by the name of....."---" has already put it on hold.
    I donno if I should put the name of the person on the forum . is not on sale. it is the original price of $184.
  11. Was it Sparkle2013?:roflmfao: :woohoo: :rant: :lol:
  12. :lol: :roflmfao: Good one annie
  13. Is Sparkle an eBay sniper? :huh: :huh: :huh:
  14. I don't know..we've made several jokes about her because I swear...every single bag on eBay that I'm ever interested in has her name bidding on it every single time!!!:woohoo: We think we're:nuts: but I think sparkle2013 might be :wacko: :sos:
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:Thanks for the description...I loved it!! Now I gotcha. I was :confused1: and wondering who she might be :graucho:

    Can someone please tell me why they keep moving all the smileys around :cursing: