Discount UGG anywhere??

  1. Anyone know where can I get UGG onsale?

    Does woodbury outlet have UGG store? How much discount they offer?

    Truly appreciate for your help.

    :pMy cousin really want one.
  2. I was able to get Uggs 20% off during Friends and Family at Bloomies. Are there any more F&F coming up???
  3. woodbury does have an ugg outlet, however, the classic ugg boots apparently never go on sale; so they are the same price there as everywhere else.

    best bet would be getting a coupon for an online store or something to that degree
  4. and or you could try price matching at Nordstrom or
  5. Bloomies is having a sale today if you buy two or more pairs of shoes, you get a discount.
  6. how do you go about the price matching at Nordstrom?

    we don't have a bloomingdales here at all, so do i simply approach a SA and let them know that bloomingdales is having f&f?
  7. I searched our forums and read that the youth Uggs were the same as the ladies Uggs but they were way cheaper. So, I went to Zappos and purchased the Lajola Uggs in a size 6 (I wear an 8) for $100. I saved about $60 and they fit the same. However, I went to Nordies and tried on the Summit leather Uggs and they are so cute. Guess what I did? I spent $260 and brought them home.:rolleyes:
  8. victoriassecret. com 30 off of 150 or 15 off of 100, that's what I used. You may be able to pricematch that to Zappos to get freeshipping but I dunno. Just search for the code, it's always changing!
  9. Macy's F&F is going through until this Monday and I got 20% off my UGGS:yes:
  10. victoria's secret have ugg boots too and if you enter in codes, you can still get the 15 off 100, 30 off 150 and the list goes on,
    FA78449 expires on 20th dec
    FA78113 expires on 20th dec

    100SHIP for free shipping , above 100.

    codes can be combined the last i know...
    hope tis helps!
  11. Nordstrom price matches?

  12. I don't see any Uggs online. Do they only carry them in the stores? I am thinking about getting my Mom a pair for Christmas.
  13. I called most of the Macy's in my area and the only one that carries Ugg is in the Manhattan flagship store. I'm curious now. Where did you get yours? I'll leave a streak of smoke in my wake if it's close enough.
  14. Thank you all so much. :girlsigh:

    So it seems like if the best deal would be 20% off.

    I thought since they have outlet, they will have more dicount. sigh....

    My cousin have a tiny feet, like 5.5. so she can order the kids size in 3?

    thanks again!!!
  15. I am looking for the classic tall and can't find it anywhere... its completely sold out...