Discount tickets for Las Vegas shows

  1. Hey all,

    My BF and I are going to Vegas next weekend (2/8-10) to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We got a great deal on hotel through and I'm so excited! :yahoo:

    Does anyone know of any websites that sell show tickets at a discounted rate? I looked around online, but haven't been able to find anything. We are leaning towards watching Mystere, but are open to any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I can't remember where I got the info - but last year there was a site that had 1/2 price tix to all circ shows, legit..... I think someone had posted it on ********* or tripadvisor in the las vegas forum. I can't recall if it was a one time thing. I'd check those sites though.

    last year I got 1/2 tickets for KA from this site, it was good but La Reve at the Wynn was magnificent!!! I highly recommend that show!!

    discount tickets for Mystere are in the link above
  4. I heard there was an actually shop located in Vegas that had the 1/2 price tickets as well?! has anyone heard of this?
    I would like to know as well.
  5. There are a few places on the strip to by 1/2 price tix. One is right by Coke World and another is just a couple blocks north of it.
  6. Thank you for the help, everyone! :flowers:

    Do you know the name of this place? Thanks!
  7. Yeah, but they might not be available and you'll end up going to Jubilee or something just as bad. Our last trip to Vegas was so expensive - I'd rather buy some new clothes. You need to pay $25 to get into a lounge (not even a club) and stand in huge line for that. Drinks cost $20 in some of these lounges. Not to mention gambling...Hope your bf has a lot of $$$$
    BTW, I would check eBay for show tickets - I saw some good deals there.
  8. There's actually a few of those stores in Vegas that sell discounted tickets.. Its called "Tix4Tonight" or osmething like that. One is located on the Strip, another that I know of is located in Fashion Show (the mall across from the Wynn).

    I found a coupon for Tix4Tonight--it also lists all 4 locations-- hope it helps! Enjoy your trip :smile:
  9. I'm going to keep all of this in plannin on goin there labor day weekend!!!
  10. ITA :yes: Thunder from Down Under wont cut it?? :graucho:
  11. yep i bought show tickets from them once when i was in vegas. basically it's a hit or miss with them. their availability varies from day to day so you can only purchase tickets on that day. i would really suggest going there really early that day to get better selections. they also have great deals for restaurants and buffets. have fun!!
  12. Thank you for all the suggestions, everyone! I'm going to keep looking around and hopefully I'll find something.

    I'm sure I would love the show, but I don't think BF cares to see a bunch of half naked men dancing on stage :p

  13. oooo good idea. maybe try calling or check their website to see where this store is. Then you could probably call them before you go to see what they keep stocked :tup: Im sure the BF would appreciate this over tix to Thunder From Down Under :drool:
  14. go to