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  1. Fakes.....look at the disclaimer at the designerapparel site:

    Louis Vuitton, Chanel Gucci Fendi Coach Ferragamo Prada Hermes Burberry Ysl Bottega Veneta can only be bought from an authorized dealer at their original prices. Coutur************* in not a representative or is not associated with, or sponsored by Chanel Gucci Fendi Coach Balenciaga Chloe Ferragamo Prada Burberry Ysl Bottega Veneta, or any other high-level designers or their copyrighted products. It is not our intention to mock or devalue the names of these products, or for our sales to infringe upon registered trademarks.

    Our items are to be used for entertainment and novelty purposes only. We take no responsibility for the false portrayal of our merchandise We assume no civil or criminal liability for the actions of those who buy our products.

  2. The major design houses destroy imperfect bags from what I understand, so the verezia site is selling fakes as well.

    I don't know about ModaQueen, except that their prices are too low for those bags.

    Eluxury offers real, authentic bags, BlueFly offers real bags, Overstock sometimes has a few.
  3. I think I remember reading that ModaQueen sold replicas as well?! I'd steer clear.
  4. I did a search on tpf about this place, and the majority opinion seems to be that they are selling supergrade fakes. There's a series of posts about it from summer 2007...............

    Supergrade replicas ('aaa' or 7 star or whatever they rate them) are hard to tell from authentic, except the price is usually too good to be true.

    I got duped into a supergrade fendi spy before I knew about tpf and had done some reading. It would be hard to tell if you didn't know what you were looking for, the leather is even that good on some of these now.
  5. There are some sample sale sites that sell real bags, most are invite only.
    I have invites to ideeli and haute look, if anyone's interested, but I would need your email and I'm not sure how this forum works and whether people would be comfortable with that:shrugs:
  6. All of those sites sell fakes. We have an Authenticate This forum for asking about these types of thing. Furthermore, a lot of these sites have already been discussed there. Next time you have a question about a site, look there first.
  7. ^just what I was about to post.
    1) search first
    2) post in Authenticate This please.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.