discount online perfumes?

  1. Hi,

    so i'm looking to get armani mania, and hanae mori... i was wondering if anyone here has purchased perfumes online from some of these fragrance depots... it's easier just to go straight to the store and get it... but while i'm testing out my fragrances, i was wondering if i could find them for cheaper. I've never ordered them online, but i've found some steals at certain outlets.
  2. As long as you know what to look for, I've always bought my Jean Paul Gaultier Classique on eBay. I normally get the testers (who needs ANOTHER tin can?) as they are cheaper. I've gotten EDT, EDP and pure purfume at silly low prices. I also get body lotion and bath gels. I've never had any issues in the perfume part of eBay.....unlike handbags.....
  3. Is Hanae Mori sold anywhere other than Nordies? I don't mean on ebay, but at other dept stores?
  4. is great! You can find discontinued perfumes and buy testers for lower prices! I liiike:biggrin:
  5. A really good place to by from is
  6. 2nd this rec! I've purchased from them before--they are reputable.:yes:
  7. hate to rain on the parade but be careful about discount perfumes. Like everything else, there are fakes out there. and they look just like the real ones. I read an expose about this attributing these discounters to the Russian mafia. I only buy stuff from the department stores to be safe.
  8. Thanks for this link!!! Has anyone smelled Marc Jacobs´s Blush? I´m curious to what it smells like, we can´t get it here.
  9. Careful of the discount stores because they sometimes sell expired perfumes.
  10. I agree.
  11. I've gotten some perfumes at the drug stores -- Eckardt's most recently. They have great discounts b/c the perfumes are a little older and have been on the shelf longer, so be sure to start using them up right away. In my experience, the perfume there has always been legit and still in good shape.

    Just the other day I found Burberry Brit for $47 and Samsara for $29 -- plus they were having a special promotion of $7 off all designer perfumes -- so I got Burberry for only $40 and Samsara for $22 -- Cool deal!

    I'd just be careful with the on-line discounters -- look for a long standing site w/ a good rep. I don't know any off hand, but some of the girls here might.