discount on uggs?

  1. does anyone know where i can get a discount on uggs? footlocker doesnt have them anymore. =(
  2. I have been wondering the same thing!
  3. Uggs are usually excluded from discount/promotion codes.
    you can go to Shoes – Free Shipping on Womens Shoes, Mens Shoes, Childrens Shoes or Shoes - Women's Shoes & Men's Shoes - Free Shipping! Shop shoes, boots, sandals, clogs, footwear, plus, athletic apparel & handbags at, they usually have promotion codes especially during holiday time tho I can't guarantee that you'll be able to use it on Uggs.
    Here are some promotion codes I know:
    @ GIVE10OFF (10% OFF OFF $75) expires 12/31/2006 has 10% OFF promotion codes but excludes uggs but let me know if you still want them.

    I hope this helped.

    *more shoes websites in case you want to shop around to see if they have a sale on uggs ZAPPOS, 6PM, SHOEFLY.
  4. Have you tried
  5. thanks :]
  6. Hi,
    Sometimes if you look at the higher end department stores like or towards the end of the season they have discounted uggs. I saw some last year for I think around 80 or so dollars (not 100% sure since it was last year) but its usually in the brighter colors such as pink, purple, blue etc...
  7. I know that DSW doesn't sell online, but I have seen Uggs there.
  8. I saw quite a few Uggs, including some brown ones, at Marshalls today.
  9. My fiances aunt gets them in the childrens size! Same colors and everything and half the price!
  10. Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus all have on sale UGG boots
    F&F event at bloomingdales & saks fifth doesn't exclude UGG...
    I recently got a pair at Nordstrom online with 33% off and another pair at saks fifth with 20% off...
    good thing about nordstrom online... even if they don't hv your size available online, you can ask the agent to locate a pair for you at the store and order over the phone...
  11. Yea, I vote for friends and famiyl sales. I got my boots at bloomingdales and it was 20% off. I wonder if macy's carries Uggs...they are having a friends and family sale now.
  12. You can also try TJ Maxx - the tall styles have been spotted there - my friend bought a cute pair of tall boots, but I'm looking for the ankle books;)
  13. I just bought a pair in kids size! I wear a 7.5 in womens thats a 5 in kids. Great deal...$80 at nordies =)