Discount on LV?

  1. Is there any way to get a discount on the purchase of a new LV? Does eLuxury ever have coupons? What about Saks, Neimans, etc.? Any strategies appreciated! Thanks!
  2. The only way to get a "discount" is to shop using ****** - you can get 3% back. Otherwise there are no sales on Louis Vuitton.

    If anyone you know is going to France, you may also want to ask them to bring what you'd like back, the prices there are significantly lowly (check for pricing).
  3. Wow, they are less expensive in France: 470 Euros = $589 for a Batignolles. Hmmmm.... If I hear of anyone going to France, I'll be all over that!

    I know LV doesn't run sales (can you imagine the stampede, lol) but do the other stores that carry LV ever have store coupons that can be used for LV purchase - or does the fine print forbid discounts on LV? Thanks again!
  4. No discounts on counters in stores either. :\
  5. well my mom bought a discontinued epi vanilla hornfleur in Hong Kong LV store for a discount.. so I do think in some stores discontinued items are discounted (albeit not much, about 20% at most).
  6. hong kong is the only place that offers discounts! i am envious! i would love to go there when a sale is in progress
  7. oooh, i miss hongkong, it's a shopping paradise there...
    and if u work at lv, they'll give u a big discount.
    a friend of mine worked at gucci just to get an employment discount, he's rich & he shops a lot, so gucci fired him because he shops way too much :roflmfao:
  8. Last year in Taipei, Taiwan, a Louis Vuitton store had a 15% off sale :wtf: for one day on everything in the store. I think it might have been a grand opening or reno sale. My hubby was telling me he saw it on the news and it looked like there was a stampede going on in there! He wanted to pick something up but line ups were way too crazy! That is the first and only time he has ever seen a "sale" at LV in Taipei....darn, I wish I was there for the sale, my suitcase would have been filled with LV goodies:yes:
  9. Here in mexico there is a store called palacio de hierro where u can nuy LV, I think its kind of Neiman Marcus or sth like that but you can get the credit card of the store and they give you a 20% discount in your very first shop. A mom of a classmate used it to buy a speedy 25 and they gave her the discount. The final price she payed was so cheap for a Vuitto handbag, wish I could get one of that cc´s... I may cancell it and ask for a neew one everytime I want sth LV haha
  10. Does anyone know a website that will show you how to convert euros into US $? My mom is going to be in France in a few weeks and I would love to have her do some shopping for me!
  11. hubby is in real trouble if we and i ever 'vacation' abroad.

  12. I wanna go for the spring so I can rack up!
  13. Thanks :flowers: !
  14. And if the dollar/euro rate would get a little better.. it'd be even cheaper to buy in France! I remember when we were in Italy and the dollar and euro were about even.. *sigh* THAT was nice! Come on US dollar - let's make a recovery! LOL!