Discount on Chanel compact powder

  1. Hi there!

    I've been using bare esentuals facial powder but thought of trying the chanel ones. Does anyone know where I can get the chanel compact powder at a discount or cheaper than Saks, Neiman or Nordstrom? ? thanks in advance!
  2. Chanel doesnt have brand-specific sales at boutiques or department store counters, sadly. Your best bet is probably to wait for F&F or Beauty Sales at the big department stores. E.g. Lord and Taylor had 10% off cosmetics during their recent F&F sale, Bergdorf had an instant gift card event (buy $500, get $75 back), Saks had a "buy $100, get a $25 gift card for later" event last Christmas, etc.... You'll probably be able to get 10-15% off. It's not a ton, but every bit helps! :smile:
  3. you might try ebay...
  4. Thanks all! i'll keep a lookout for those events in the department stores and ebay:smile:
  5. I'd try ebay & then as suggested the gift card or f&f...
  6. I wouldn't reccomend ebay for makeup. I would risk putting expired makeup on my face, only to save a few dollars.
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    ITA!! There are fakes out there too, with all sorts of crap in them, and I would hate to be putting unknown and potentially toxic chemicals directly onto my skin. The peace of mind from buying at an authorized seller (at least until you get super familiar with the product and can tell ASAP if the consistency or smell or something seems off) seems worth the extra few dollars, I think... :smile: