1. I don't get it!! How are these sites not shut down??
  2. Good heavens what ugly fakeroonie Koobas.

    This one looks like a dominatrix girdle gone bad.
  3. You're right. In fact it looks like it's come right out of the Shrek movie!
  4. It's actually an Annie on drugs.
  5. All fakes
  6. Fake without a doubt.
  7. :tdown:
  8. :ban::banned:
  9. yeeaaaa they shud ban this website!! how can we though? im against all fake bags and this is like THOUSANDS of them...
  10. :tdown:
  11. im no expert but i can totally tell they're fakes!!
  12. Would you trust this site to provide authenticate bags...or is this just a site that sells fakes and tries to pass them off as real