What the...

  1. Can anyone explain WHY this site is advertised on TPF??? I had to click on it and found that it is sooooo amazing that they have all these amaaaaazing bags that are retail $1,000-$2,000 that you can purchase for a mere $199- $249. Woweeee! I think we have another or on our hands! Any reason it is here???!!! I am so tempted to blow my whole paycheck on a dozen or two of these "luxury" bags...... yawn....
  2. Because tPF has no control over what ads Google places here, that's why.
  3. Thanks, Indiaink!
    I'm new to this; it just seems especially funny...and ironic....
  4. I know, cooper1, I think it's ironic, too. At least we have google to blame and not tPF.
  5. I don't know how these google ads work, but it is very hypocritical and against everything this forum stands for. I feel like keeping these google ads is almost blasphemous. Does TPF get paid to put those there? Is that money worth it?
  6. I think it is hard because there are so many people (like myself) looking for a great deal and who can't afford retail bags that exceed $1,000! I, too, wait impatiently drooling for the bag of my dreams to finally go on sale at the end of a season. It is sad that so many folks probably are jumping at the chance to get their dream bag for $199, not even thinking for one second "why I am so lucky"?!?!?!
  7. If there's one thing this forum has really strengthened in me, it's that if it's too good to be true, it probably is. There is no way a Chanel anything will go for anything less than $500, and that's probably pushing it!
  8. I think the way the Google ad system works is that it 'reads' a particuliar page, and depending on what key words it finds, that's the ad. For instance, if we all talked about chocolate pudding and spagetti sauce for the next five pages, we might see ads for food products. I know one of the columnists I read in my local paper online was doing an experiment like that, and sure enough - he specifically mentioned a few odd things in his column and at the bottom of the page - an ad for that type of thing. Go figure.

    I know Vlad and Megs deserve whatever they can get for hosting this excellent forum; they don't condone fake bags, of course!!! But if they can get something from somebody doing a click-thru on a real thing, so much the better.

    We are here to help weed out the bad Google ads.