'discount' from ebate?

  1. hey guys, was just wondering how does it work? i bought something from eluxury thru ****** and i have money in my account that i saved from the purchase, then how do i get it now? is it actual money?
  2. I love E! (not the kind you take at a party LOL) As you shop online with retailers linked through their website, a percentage of your total purchase will accrue in your account in the form of a rebate. So, for example, if retailer X offers a 7% rebate through E, and you spend $100, then $7 will be deposited into your E account. E will send you a check every three months for the total amount of money you've collected in rebate$ from all your purchases. If you haven't totalled more than $5 in that quarter, the balance will roll over to the next quarter, and added to whatever you accumulate during that period. It's awesome--it saves you a ton of money, especially on large purchases!
  3. And to address your original question--yes, they send you actual money (it's a check.) I believe you can also opt to have your rebate payment deposited into your PayPal account.
  4. weird, it's been over three months and i still havne't gotten any check from them. wat do i do?
  5. The first time, it might take a little longer. I think ****** has their own 3 month schedule. It doesn't start when you open your account with them. So, if you opened your account at the end of their 3 month schedule, you wouldn't get $$ until the end of the next FULL 3 months. I hope that made sense!
  6. oo .. i get it. thanks a lot
  7. what is the website in the ******?
  8. Eeeeee bates . com