Discount for Buying Several Coach Items?

  1. Have any of you received a special discount in the boutique when you've bought several Coach items all at once? Everytime, I just get one item, so I'm curious.
  2. nope!

    best you'll get for being a loyal shopper is from the pce.
  3. Hmm...a year ago or so, I was talking to a stranger at the bus stop who happened to be carrying the exact purse I was looking for. We chatted for a bit (neat how a bag can bring two people together) and then she told me about how her and her sister together bought 6 Coach purses all at once from a Coach boutique in the States, so the salesperson gave them a discount. I can't remember how much she said. So...she was basically lying?

    Too good to be true...:sad:
  4. i suppose anything is possible...but it seems very unlikely to me.

    let's wait until the sa's chime in.
  5. ^^^^ the only time there's a discount in-store is when there is a PCE (preferred customer event). Those are invite only, but perhaps if this woman and her friend bought a lot during one of those promotions, maybe the SA was very nice and gave them the discount (though the SAs are not supposed to just randomly offer that discount).

    So I wouldn't call her a liar directly, but let's just say the chances of it being the unadulterated truth are a bit low . . .

    Believe me, if there was a discount simply for purchasing multiple items at once, SOMEONE here would know!
  6. she might and she might not.

    this used to happen but we've more strict...can we give discounts on a whim? no. but what we could do is that if there was a PCE and we know that that customer is buying several bags we'd offer the discount. and i know this sounds too good to be true, but we had a customer who was buying two purses, and to keep our UPT up we wanted every customer to get at least three or more items per transaction, she was going to buy two purses, both averaging around 400$ so we told her, because she was on the tipping point of the third one, she can get that one, and we'd offer her the PC card.

    i bet that's what happened. no way you can just give it to someone whose brought X amount of bags or X amount of merchandise. it must be during the event. and some stores can because we usually get sent a few extra cards.

    i doubt it would happen to much, or at least i know Coach is starting to get more strict with their PCEs because it's meant to be as a thank you for loyal and consistant customers.
  7. could you IMAGINE what kind of trouble we would all be in if we could get a discount for buying more stuff?! :shocked:
  8. what about via the coach business purchases page??? isn't there a special catalog or web page for "business gifts"....does that incorporate a discount if you buy several of something????
  9. hmmm...i don't think so.

    what i think that is is a way for a customer to buy more then three of an item...specifically twenty of one item...and not get banned by corporate b/c it is a flag for "reseller"

    if there is a discount where you buy tons.....well..that's all done discreetly if it even exsists.
  10. not no yet i just started shopping at the boutique i normally go to major dept stores and by my Coach bags but i did go in there this past weekend and bought key charm. so hopefully if i keep going iin there i will get a discount im hoping for one as much as i buy from them
  11. Hmmm... I've never heard of getting a discount when buying several items at once from a Coach boutique... I just know of the PCEs. :yes: