Discount for Bbags?

  1. I'm just wondering if this applies anywhere else. Yesterday I finally walked into the Balenciaga store in Hong Kong and my mom bought a Blueberry twiggy for around 8500 (which is like 1095 USD). To our surprise the saleslady asked if we this VIP card for Joyce (which is like a high-end department store like Barneys and gives us 10% off regular items) and because we did, we got 10% off normal priced b-bags! So we saved around $100 USD. :graucho: Does any other places have these kind of discounts?
  2. At Barney's you can get 10% off too if you open a credit card account with them.
  3. All I know is that AR does'nt charge for shipping so that's discount enough for me, especially since I'm in Australia!
  4. Bal. in Singapore has a PPS (high-tier flying status with Singapore Air) discount. I'm sure my friend got 10 or 15% off.
  5. PPS in Singapore get 10% off all Club 21 boutiques, of which Balenciaga is one. I got 10% off my purchase. But you have to factor in that the prices are very high to begin with. The First is about USD1375 compared to USD995 charged by Aloha Rag, which has free shipping. One only needs to pay local GST charges.