Discount coupon codes 25% for Kooba?

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  1. Domino magazine and Lucky have 25% discount codes at Active endeavors - I see the website says Kooba discount codes not valid.
    Do u think I should try anyway or has anyone tried to use it anyway on Kooba? i haven't found 25% off anywhere else. Let me know if you know of anythin else I could try. Thanks!
  2. Which Kooba are you after?

    I know that jcmadison has a 20% coupon code.. and their prices start out decent (a lot more so than Activeendeavors)

    code is grechen
  3. I purchased a Kooba(not on sale) from with coupon. No problem, I've had good experiences with this boutique!
  4. I purchased a Kooba Mia from on sale for $416.50 with a 25% coupon for a total of $312.38 plus $5.95 for shipping.

    The code is luckymag. Hope this helps!

  5. You can try without actually having to pay. It will make you input your credit card information and then the next page allows you to put in the coupon code where you can check to see if it "takes" before placing your order. I tried a lucky coupon and it didn't work. But it was on a sale item and it said promotional codes don't work for that. It can't hurt to try! :angel:
  6. Has anyone seen a site that has the Kooba Annie? (that takes the coupon)