Discount Codes for Pearl Paradise

  1. Hi there, does anyone have any discount code for Pearl Paradise ?

    Thanks in advance !:yes:
  2. Don't know if there's an expiration date on it but I found this one.....

    Code: pp2007

    15% Off entire purchase
  3. Thanks bagachondriac ! really appreciate it :yahoo:
  4. Did you purchase anything from them before?
    I am looking at Freshadama earrings and would like some opinion before placing an order.
  5. Hi there, I'm seriously thinking of buying the south sea pearl ring from them.. only the price is stopping me :sweatdrop: Heard only wonderful things about PP from this forum (Pearl guide). Check it out as it is very informative about pearls. So far, I have bought from the pearl outlet (another online vendor) one chocolate freshwater pearl and one black & white FW pearl)- wonderful. I recently also bought from this ebayer in US - rainbowislandpearls and she is also lovely to deal with. Her keishi pearl necklaces are wonderful and she throws in two lovely gifts just because she has a nice feeling about me ..
    I would have bought the freshadama ring from PP if it is available - I'm just sent them an email as they just came back from a buying trip from China. Hope this helps. ;)

    BTW, sign up for free with the pearl outlet and pearls of joy (another online vendor) to receive the regular promotion mailers. the pearl outlet is having a final christmas sale and the FW fireball necklace is so lovely. (BUT I must really control myself).
  6. Bringing this UP! Anyone with codes? Thank you
  7. They have Pearl Points (certain dollars off for specific range of purchase amounts). The link is at the bottom of their home page called "Points Program", next to "Contact Us".