Discount Code for LMB

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  1. Are there any codes for Lovin My Bags?
  2. I would be interested in getting some too :smile:
  3. I just bought their vachetta kit, and expect to receive it tomorrow. There was a code "LOVE" posted on the website to save 10%. Can't wait to see how it works!
  4. Thanks Pam!
    Please let us know your review of it.

  5. Thanks! Just want to have it for cleaning etc. if needed. How long do they take to ship?
  6. Yes, please let us know how it works for you and which products you used!
  7. I certainly will! I have a some vachetta "territories" on a few bags I want to work on. I don't necessarily mind patina, but I like it to look somewhat even without water spots. We'll see!
  8. Back after a brief hiatus! Just finished treating my 2 year old MC Alma with the LMB vachetta kit, and I'm thrilled with the results! While it wasn't dirty or abused, LMB definitely brightened up the handles and eliminated/diminished the appearance of water spots making the patina appear much more even. I know there are numerous threads discussing LMB products, but I'm very pleased with how it worked, and I'm going to do my DA Speedy and the handle on my Métis. Also found the You Tube LMB how-to videos helpful as well.