Discount code for LINEA PELLE!

  1. I found this promo code for Linea Pelle!

    Use PURSE10 to get 10% off!

    Not to shabby! I just used it to buy 2 Lauren Conrad bags, so I ended up getting like $70 off. :yahoo: Whoa!
  2. Thanks so much
  3. No problem! I love getting promo codes!

    Enjoy :smile:
  4. I used it it works
  5. Awesome! What did you buy?
  6. any of these should also work:
    15% off - style15

    $10 off $75+ - SAS1075
    15% off $200+ - SAS15
    10% off - SAS10
  7. thanks!
  8. awsome, the LC bags are really cute!
  9. Shoot! I can't get this code to work for me! Did you guys do anything special?