discount at tiffanys?

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  1. Just following on from the discount at Cartier post, Im just wondering has anyone ever gotten a discount at Tiffanys? Or been let off Tax? I live in Ireland so we dont have a Tiffanys so I can't even test the waters over here, but we're going to the NY store in a few weeks to purchase our e-ring. I had heard of people being let off tax, but not sure if it's true or not and don't want to make a fool of myself by asking in the store:smile:
  2. Nope. Just like Hermes. My parents bought my DH and I T&Co watches for our wedding presents, and they got a "pseudo discount" because a price hike happened a day before they bought the watches -- but they knew the original price beforehand and our wonderful family SA gave them the original price. It was like not paying tax. :smile: Other than this rare occurence, there is no discount possible.

    I like the fact that there is no bartering. When shopping for the fine jewelry at T&Co I think it is very elegant to look for beauty and quality and not dollars and cents.
  3. ^^I agree with your statement, clanaois, about not bartering for jewelry. I hate to shop where you haggle prices for jewelry. It makes me think the next person or the person before me got a better deal. That's one of the things I like about Tiffany and Louis Vuitton. No sales and no haggling. If I want to haggle I'll go to a yard sale (which I love to do) but not to the mall.
  4. ^I TOTALLY agree!!!
  5. Cool thanks
  6. 15% off with a corporate account, unfortunately does not apply to stones.
  7. Just like Hermes, you can get a discount. Go and check out the Haggling in Hermes thread for the details: a lady has got a discount in New York store because she went with a Goldman Sachs employee.

    As for bartering/haggle/being a cheap and ask for a discount in a jewellery store, I do it all the time and when I can stomp up enough money for a Cartier Haute Joaillerie necklace (which is sometime in my next life LOL), I intend to haggle given that the going rate 25%!
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  9. My fiance gets discounts at certain designer stores because of where he works
  10. ITA!!

  11. I suppose, just like at Hermes, you can get a discount anywhere if you are more rich and powerful than us mere mortals. ;) Or be arm candy of the rich and powerful.
  12. I like the fact that there is no outlet / sales. Means if they no longer make it it has a higher re-selling value, I don't have to worry about purchasing it now and it dropping later in price, and, this way, when I walk in, I don't feel any pressure. But, when I walk into Reeds jewler to look at stuff, or Jared or what have you, thery're always bugging me, asking how high I'm willing to go on a piece and it's kinda annoying. I actually hate haggling so much that when I got my car, I picked the ones that is a set price (the scions from toyota)! LOL
  13. Definitely no discounts at T&Co., the only way you might get a tax break is if you're shipping something to a state where there is no Tiffany store. But they will not ship overseas.
    Have fun on your shopping trip!
  14. You can get a VAT (value added tax) tax refund at the airport for items costing more than $100 or so. This is what i do when i buy expensive things overseas. Just keep your receipts and they should refund you all of the money you spent on tax.