discount at Cartier

  1. Good to know!
    I feel so stupid, that i`ve never asked and always paid the full price:crybaby:
  2. I never would have thought of asking!!

    On another note, has anyone ever gotten a discount at Tiffanys, or not having to pay the tax?
  3. Em.. I feel so stupid now.. I thought that there will be no discount @ cartier .. !! Thanks for all your info though I will definitely try it next time
  4. so is this best to do at cartier or NM/Saks? I really want a tank francaise. I know Saks will automatically give 10% off but I'm wondering if I can get 15% or more off and/or no tax.
  5. At most Cartier boutiques you could easily get 15% depending on what you are purchasing. As a watch dealer I sell many of the Cartier styles from 20-40% off but it really depends on the stye of watch and if it's new or oldstock.
  6. i am going to bump this thread up since i am also in a look out for cartier ballon bleu midsize and medium tank frankcaise . Still shopping around for the best deal from ADs. Please PM me if you know of any authorized dealer that will give a very good discount...rolex or cartier. TIA!
  7. I have a friend of friend who works for Tiffany's and they are allowed one diamond at 50% off in their lifetime.
  8. People with corporate accounts get discounts at Tiffany's. We have it and we just got an email offering the discount when buying a gift card. That's a new spin! Used to be on all silver and "gift" items (i.e. not e-rings, diamonds, gold, precious gems).

    People, in this day and age, if you don't ask for a discount, you're a fool. If you're buying more than one item, ask for a "package deal" or "quantity discount". This is how you score the matching pieces (earrings, pendant, etc) and EVERYONE feels like a winner! I am here to testify, my sisters, THIS WORKS!!
  9. What is your location?
    Tank Francaise can be found with a great discount at most stores.
    On the other hand, only a few dealers gave a good offer on Ballon Bleu (since it is still considered new).
  10. New Mexico.

    thanks Naila, actually got a good? quote from one of the authorized dealer ...about 26% off . For the medium ballon bleu, there was a special last weekend from an authorized cartier retailer for about $4200 however i was late when i knew about it.
  11. I recently went into a Cartier store looking at the tank francaise in white gold ($16,100 retail) and the SA offered me a discount on the spot when I told her I was working with a Saks associate...she pulled out her calculator and offered me the watch for $13300. That being said, I ended up getting a different cartier watch from saks and got a 15% discount on it and triple points.
  12. My husband used to know a girl who worked at Tiffany a few years ago and she got a 30% discount.
  13. yes. authorized deals for cartier gives about 15% and if you get lucky, you might be able to get more. i remember i was offered 20% when I bought 2 cartiers at the same time and returned one-so I kept the 20% off of the one i kept.
  14. I just spoke with an authorized retailer of cartier and was given about 35% discount for medium tank francaise. PM me if any of you are looking for a good discount from an authorized retailer/dealer. i have not made any purchase yet but this dealer is highly recommended by members of a watch forum.
  15. This is a very informative thread! :tup:

    I know of one reputable retailer in my area who offers good deals/discounts on Cartier. . . but it never occurred to me that it was industry-wide or that you could ask at the Cartier boutique!