discount at Cartier

  1. I'm also in Pennsylvania and looking for a discount on the diamond-all-around eternity wedding ring ($8800 not including tax). I inquired the boutique SA about the $1000 off $5000 but was informed that promotion was over and they do not anticipate it to return. Does anyone have any tips for discounts on diamond rings? Is it even possible?
  2. justpassingby, wow, that is unreal that you got such a good deal!
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  5. Do u know if empl need to work in fine jewelry to get the discount or do all empl get the discount regardless which depart they work? Thanks
  6. Just brought 2 rings with diamonds 'n necklaces, my SA said no discount. How disappointed! My SA said if I give u discount then it wouldn't be Cartier :wondering:
  7. lexis, don't feel bad, there aren't many discounts around.
  8. I just brought 3 Cartier watches @ Westfield Topanga,and no discount was given to me. They did give me a hardcover historical Cartier art book and a bottle of "Cartier" champagne. My sa informed me that the red card is their equivalent of a discount.
  9. Oooh, tell us what watches you got!
  10. Need to do a reveal but so lazy haha!! Will get to it real soon!!!
  11. NM is marking some Cartier down from what my SA tells me. Will find out what and post.
  12. Does Tiffany do this as well? I wish Cartier discounted jewelry :[ .......
  13. Does anyone knows a SA at Cartier who can offer discount on E-ring and W-bands? The boutique I tried today didn't offer anything off, even any small gifts. :sad:
  14. Generally for Cartier jewelry, is it better to purchase internationally or shop around for discounts (at the local NM, boutique, or AD)?

    I am located in the US, and let's assume that it would be an all cash payment.
  15. My friend gets bigger discounts when purchasing Cartier from dept stores such as Neiman and Saks. In addition to the discount, they also "help" my friend out by shipping to her family in a tax-free state to save her a bit more money. I think Tiffany used to do this (or only very few SAs are willing to do this now) but when I was shopping for my e-ring the SA was appalled that I'd ask about avoiding taxes by paying in cash or shipping to family out of state, so it all depends. I don't think the boutiques will do it but the department stores definitely will.