discount at Cartier

  1. I am wondering if this is true. My friend told me that the Cartier store in L.A offered her a 12% discount if she buys 2 watches at one time. She was planning to buy his and her watches with her bf (Tank Francais which is not even a big ticket watch, I don't see why whey would give her a discount).

    Anyways I bought from Cartier before and I never hear of any discount ava.
  2. I just bought a tank from Cartier store in Canada and asked for the best price... Went from $3700 down to $2960 :yahoo: CAD dollars. You dont get till you ask!!
  3. Wo! I've always wanted a tank watch, and with the dollar tanking v. the Euro, I thought I'd have problems with that.
  4. gee...I really missed out. I have no idea you can do that at Cartier.
  5. do they offer discount on their jewellry too? or is it just watches?
  6. Wow! I didn't know you could negotiate prices at cartier!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh well... I have a catier watch that I paid full price for. I had no idea I could even ask for discount...I am kind of upset...:hysteric:

    Are diamond prices negotiable at Cartier, too:graucho: ? That would be awsome!

    I heard that NO discount on Tiffany diamonds even for employees...
  7. ! has anyone else attempted this? idk if I would have the balls to ask for a discount at Cartier of all places
  8. I have never tried this at an actual Cartier boutique, but if you buy from an authorized retailer, you can often negotiate a discount on their watches... before I bought my Omega Constellation several years ago, I had thought of getting a Tank Francaise, and I was offered 15% off right off the bat when I was shopping.

    I doubt you would be able to get a discount at the boutique... I think it's like with Chanel, where you can get it on sale at Saks, but not at the boutique.
  9. I know how you feel. It seems kinda odd to ask for a discount from a high end store.

    I wish I knew about this earlier.

    Does anyone one know if Van cleef and Aprels give discount too. I bought my diamond wedding band and my husbands plat w/band there and we never thought about asking for a discount. I don't want to miss out if everyone else is getting a discount.:yes:
  10. I negotiated my Panther down a few hundred $$ at the Cartier boutique in St. Thomas, USVI.
    Can't hurt to ask.
  11. This thread is what brought me to this forum, because I was searching for information on negotiating a price on a Cartier engagement ring. Since I found the comments here helpful, I thought I would share my experience.

    I spent some time shopping around the local jewelry shops for an engagement ring, but couldn't really find anything to my liking. Everything I saw lacked the proper bit of style or craftsmanship. I decided to make a trip to Seattle to visit the Tiffany's and Cartier boutiques there. I also made a trip to E.E. Robbins ("The Engagement Ring Store" - that's all they sell).

    I had already visited the websites for Tiffany's and Cartier, and saw that their designs were much closer to what I was looking for. My sweetheart had shown me some rings that she liked from Godon's Jewelers, but to me they looked chintzy, and I wanted to get her something nicer. She didn't want a solitaire, but something with side stones, and thought the ideal size for the main diamond was .5 carat.

    I decided that the ring for us was the Cartier Ballerine. When I first visited, they didn't have a ring in-stock with the diamond that I wanted, so they arranged to have two rings shipped in from Beverly Hills for me to look at.

    Now it was just a manner of buying it. The ring I ended up buying was:
    .52 carat round-cut
    D color (absolutely colorless)
    VS1 clarity
    platinum band with paved side stones

    From my research, I decided the main diamond was worth about $2800.

    Here's a picture of the ring from Cartier's website:


    The price they were asking was $9100.

    I showed up with $8000 cash, and a good bit of hope. I told the sales-agent (well, his card said "boutique-administrator") what I felt the diamond was worth, as well as the ring/setting, and that anywhere else I think the ring would go for about $6000. I said that I found the Cartier style and workmanship to be superior, and that I was willing to pay $7000, which I placed on the table in front of me, in cash.

    They gave me the normal spiel about not giving discounts, how that only happens for people who spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars with them, and how it wasn't possible. There were a couple of different rings available that pretty much matched my criteria, and he offered to let me have the one that was $9375 for $9100. I told him that price was simply not possible, that I would have to go elsewhere if I couldn't get what I wanted on the funds I had. This was like on a Wednesday, and I was planning on flying halfway across the country to propose to her on Saturday. I needed the ring. Worse, there really was no other ring that I would have been satisfied with. So if they couldn't deal at Cartier, I was seriously going to buy something less than what I really wanted. It's really quite difficult to buy a ring under these circumstances - not only to I have to find a ring that I like, but one that I know she is going to like, but without showing it to her first (yeah, I know, some people pick an engagement ring out together, but that's just... well, I just couldn't do that. It loses something to me if you do it that way.)

    They offer me their "Red Line" card, or whatever it's called to buy part of the ring on credit. I tell them absolutely not, I refuse to buy on credit, and that's not going to happen (nevermind that four grand of this money was from a cash-advance on my Visa, and the other half was a bank loan with my motorcycle as collateral. I'm happy to say that those loans were temporary and I've paid them back now - not two months later).

    They offered to not charge me tax (which at 8.8%, was really a substantial amount). I pulled out the rest of my cash. We haggled a bit more, and we finally settled on a price of...

    $8500, out the door.

    So original asking price was $9100, which with tax would have been $9900.80. Final price being what it was, that put my price-before-tax at $7815, which is a savings of 14.1%, or a total savings of about $1400.

    Oh, and she said yes. :biggrin: We're getting married in June.
  12. Oh wow, congrats! I'm sure she will marry u regardless. She's a lucky lucky gal!
    Can someone try to bargain something from the LOVE collection too? Lol. Pls tell me if that is possible!
  13. The higher end the store the more mark up & more room for negotiating. Cahs helps alot too.
  14. I am going to try and negotiate on a pasha watch and love bracelet soon once I get up the courage. I will let you know how it goes:smile:
  15. Yes.... Van Cleef discounts on diamonds...Chopard discounts on almost all items, Cartier and just about all jewelry stores discounts. It may be a small 'consideration'.....but something is something.....and don't forget cash is always preferable to save on tax...:graucho: