Discontinuing the Stam Hobo


May 3, 2006
I read in a prior thread that MJ is discontinuing the Stam Hobo. Is this true? I was wondering if anyone knew why? I think it is a nice variation on the Stam bag. It must not have sold well, as Saks has them at $720 on sale - on line. Just wondering! Also, those of you that have the Stam Hobo are you happy with your purchase?
The hobo stam hasn't really sold that well...hence the reason they are on sale. We've had a few people who have had problems with the hobo stam on the forum. Personally for me, I don't stray away from the regular stam. The baby stam is cute, but all these new births of stams really aren't stams IMO.
I only remember Prada Psycho's problems. She said she only had the bag for a month and it had began to wear at the corners of the bag I believe. If you do a search, you could probably come up with the threads on the hobo.
By the way, I guess I should add that I just ordered the Stam Hobo in Mouse from Saks. My style is a little edgier than the Stam Bag, so I thought the hobo style would be a better fit for me. I am a Balenciaga lover to the end, but a little variation never hurt a girl.