Discontinuing the Paddy?

  1. I was at Neiman Marcus in Boca Raton in January admiring the Paddys when the SA came up to me and announced that Chloe is fazing out the Paddy. Has anyone else heard this?? I don't know if I should stock up.:amazed:
  2. Interesting gossip there...:amazed:

    I had not heard anything; but, would not expect to be abreast of the fashion trends here in Colorado.

    I called Neiman's today and asked if they had any washed leather Prada bags and she was like, "um, no, are they out yet?"
  3. Okay - I'm not going to say anything about the Paddy specifically, except to note that perhaps the original satchel will eventually be slowly phased out, just like the original Silverado before it. This seems to happen to almost every Chloe bag, as the newer versions start to sprout like wildflowers.

    I WILL say that the Neimans in Boca Raton is brand new - it had just opened in January - and has some of the most stupid, most annoying and least knowledgable SA's I've ever dealt with. They don't know their merchandise and don't even know how to check their book to see what they've ordered for the upcoming season. If it isn't out on the floor, they don't want to know about it.

    So that may explain the comment you heard..........
  4. Many times my experiences have been if you go to a mall anchor store (Neimans, Saks etc.) and try to get quality info. it just is not there. You really need to go to the boutique. I find many SA's at the mall have so many labels to keep up with that they don't. Also, many SA's work part time in those stores. It is a second job or a job they take the job to get the store discount. (some not all) You are right again when you ask them to look in the book and they act like they have never seen it before....
  5. I am always amazed at some of the lack of knowledge about current mdse on the floor, not to mention upcoming. When I worked in handbags I was so in love with everything there I could virtually recite every maker, style, size AND sku blindfolded by smell alone! Well, you know what I mean....

    I can't imagine they'd phase out such a money-maker?? New variations, sure, but cult-status doesn't pay the rent....
  6. Good points Kellybag. I usually deal with Nordstrom in a not too huge city with not too huge handbag departments with not a super-fast turnover so I guess I expect them to know their stock more. I called our Saks and the gal told me to look at Saks online for Chloe instead of helping me - and they don't even offer it online!
  7. All excellent points, but the sad thing is that I've received misinformation from the boutiques too. The Chloe boutique in NY is only aware of what they've ordered for their particular store (it's taken numerous calls and e-mails to the Chloe reps at headquarters to get answers to certain questions) and I've experienced lack of general knowledge at Dior and other boutiques as well. Bottom line, no one seems particularly interested in staying as informed as we do. Probably can't blame them.:amuse:
  8. I'd say rumor is as good a reason as any!:lol:
  9. Well, that's good to know. I saw some Paddy's still available on Bergdorf's website. I will have to check them out again. Did you knw that you can use your Neiman Marcus card there!!
  10. I would find it difficult to trust a department store SA unless it is someone you know very well and who really has inside information. I usually know a LOT more than the SAs in the ONE store we have here, even about what other stores in their chain are carrying! So take it with a grain of salt. Or a box of salt. Wouldn't news like that hit the fashion mags?

    On the other hand, it's a good ploy to make you want to stock up!
  11. Exactly, a ploy! They do this to make you buy. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me with makeup - once being told my favorite lipstick color is being discontinued - I buy a freakin' case and three years later it's still on the shelves! Well, not a case but you know what I mean. :biggrin: I have one tube left from stock I bought THREE years ago!
  12. Hmmm.... that's kinda hard to believe at this point since it is such a big seller for them. So I would have to agree it is most likely some kind of ploy to keep the 'gotta have one' going. But hey... if it's true then what we have will someday be a collector's item >> I can just see it now..... Year 2016 "Hey, remember that purse with the big ole gold Padlock!" :smile:
  13. Since paddy sells really well, I don't think Chloe is going to discontinue it. But could be more versatile. maybe no more original satchel,just different paddy style?:oh:
  14. roey, if you sell on eBay those lipsticks could be your signature giveaways!
  15. Hey, that's great, I'll tell that to my hubby!!:lol: