Discontinuing Leather Saddle Bag?!

  1. I was in las vegas earlier this week and went into one of the Dior boutiques. I was talking to one of the SAs and he said they might be discontinuing the leather saddle bags?! please say it isn't so...This is my dream bag and I can't afford one yet! They can't do this to me!
  2. funny you should ask there was a thread not long ago discussing the exact same thing?

    I am not sure but the saddle bag is like one of Dior's trademark bag.

    I have been on the dior website these past few months and have realised it the leather one has been taken down. They only have the logos
  3. The logo saddle will be a permanent fixture I think but the leather may be another story.

    If all else fails there are tonnes of authentic ones on eBay and reputable sites like sabines (she's a tpf'er too).
  4. The tan deerskin/leather one is still up on their site. I bought the tan deerskin back when they were still in the high 8's, still my favorite to date. If it's true (although they might do limited every so often) then I'd grab one now and just think about the money later.

    I'd actually like another one in black or dark brown.
  5. the black saddle is on their website too i saw it 3 days ago in UK shopping section.
  6. Interesting it's not on the US site anymore. Maybe I'll just have to buy that this holiday season. :graucho: I'm already picking up several LVs for girlfriends while I'm there since they'll save about 100-200USD. Only 2 weeks...can't wait.
  7. Thanks guys! Sorry if there was a similar post before.