Discontinuing denim styles, anyone else heard this?

  1. ok so wen to the boutique to pick up something, and i had already told my SA that i was thinking of selling my fuschia neo speedy. Anway he asked if i had and said that I should think about it because....

    All of the denim line is being discontinued! Except the speedy and the new styles they have just released. He said they are getting rid of all the old styles and bringing in new ones in the new year!

    Anyone else heard about this?! xx
  2. It's true Luva Pug

    Some have been discontinued June & July and the rest in Novemeber, I hear it's not selling as well as it used to
  3. ^^^yep, that's what I heard too.
  4. Heard that, too!! My SA said they're trying to bring in updated styles which is good.
  5. ^ah ok then! Yeh I can see that thats the case! Maybe that's why they have gone all denim/mini mono cruise on us!
  6. it wouldn't be strange at all that is not selling very well
    when u can get a bag all in leather (epi, vernis, etc) for the same prices
  7. I see so many people here in Vegas carrying denim. I personally love the denim and I think it wears really well. I do think they needed updated styles.
  8. I hope the new styles that are coming are super hot...I did plan on getting a Baggy PM before, but I probably won't be able to buy it in time.
  9. I'm so annoyed, I wanted a Mini Pleaty but have been hesitating since it's now over $700.
  10. Me, too. :sad:
  11. Ohhh discontinue the Denim... i was about to sell my denim neo speedy but i guess its a keeper.
  12. I love the denim line. I think it looks great. Good thing I got the pleaty.
  13. hang onto the pink and green denims if you have them!
  14. How sad, the baggy PM is classic.
  15. I agree, what a shame they aren't keeping this bag.