Discontinued Style Klara - Is $1050 good price on eBay?

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  1. Dear LV lovers,
    I have been wanting to get my hands on the Klara and have not had any luck. There is one currently selling one eBay, a brand new one for $1050, do you think that's a good price? I am not sure how much it was selling for at the shops. Does anyone know.
    Thanks so much in advance.
  2. are you talking about monogram or lamb skin?
  3. Monogram not the Vienna.
  4. Sounds like a pretty good price, have you had it authenticated though just to be sure?
  5. it sounds like a good deal .. I think the mono canvas one was around $1900 here when first released??? I have the lambskin one and don't use it as I find the straps don't stay on my shoulder and the opening is really narrow and scratches my hands:yes:
  6. Umm $1900?? :confused1: I purchased my Mono Mizi approx. $1600 or may $1700 only, USA retail around $1500 I think.
  7. I am talking in aus $$ as my mono klara vienna here for $3250 au$:yes:
  8. if u think its ok, y not. get it then =)
  9. It's an okay price, though with the way eBay has been going lately I think you could get it for substantially less. Four months ago it would've been an excellent price though :yes:
  10. ITA
  11. I got it in Let-trade for $930 in awesome condition and with a dust bag. I thought that was an excellent price. Check let-trade first. i think they have one now for about $980 i think?