Discontinued Noe color combo?

  1. Ok, certain pictures posted here have helped me decide that I really want a Noe as my next LV. :heart: Has the red with blue trim combination been discontinued? I only see Black/Silver on eLux and solid Red and Black on LV's site. Will I have to scour eBay??
  2. Yes, red/blue color combo is no longer being made (the date code on mine indicates that the bag is 15 years old). eBay has some great deals on noes and many are in MINT condition!!! Mine was only US$250.00 and it looks like it was in a time capsule for the last 15 years - it's that new!!!:nuts:
  3. Thanks Irene...I'll start looking. Wow - 15 years old and still looks amazing!!

    (BTW, you realize that my new obsession is all your fault!) :P
  4. :lol: Yes, I've been told that many times!!! Good luck! I've seen a few floating around on eBay in the last two weeks. Are you looking for a noe or petit noe?
  5. I have a catalog that shows that color combo that is like 8 years old or so, just fyi..
  6. Lola, can you check when tri-colored noes were made, please.:flowers:
  7. Well, I carry a ton of stuff around all the time, so I'm thinking the noe. How much can you comfortably put in your petit noe?
  8. Petit Noe is pretty roomy. Here is a pic I took just for fun: my Cerises speedy 25 inside my petit noe:lol: (and there was still room):
  9. Wow, what a great shot! I had no idea the petit had so much space - I think I have to get myself to a boutique and check them out in person! :yes:
  10. I LOVE the red/green combo!:nuts: I was looking at it last night. The price is AMAZING too! It looks to be in a good condition. You can't beat $160.00 price tag!!!:sweatdrop:
  11. did some of the noe's come with a inside pocket ?
  12. I love the Noes!!
  13. Yes, the older ones.:yes:
  14. mine is black and blue --- and was made in Sep '95. it said it was only used twice.... almost brand new condition!! and.....it was $159!! YAY!:yahoo: :heart: