Discontinued Neverful MM DE hunt!

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  1. Hi all! A little help request...

    I was very excited to purchase a Neverful in the old style in Damier Ebene at the flagship store on the Champs in Paris. I even waited through the price increase back in the USA because I really wanted one "made in France" not "made in USA." I figured with the vat refund, the price increase wasn't so bad.

    I like the old style because of the cursive lettering inside. I don't care for the new style and the block lettering. I also have no use for the pouch that comes with the new style, for the increased price.

    To my dismay, I arrived in Paris to find they only have the new style!!! I even checked LV stores in person in Monaco, Cannes and Nice, no luck.

    Now I am headed home to try to find one of the old style in the states (if there even are any left) and will be paying tax AND a price increase!! such a massive bummer. Oh and it will likely be made in USA, not in France as I desired :sad:

    Do I try my luck with resellers or ebay?? I'm so worried about misrepresented goods and fakes!
  2. Yoogis has them all the time.. I would try there.. And you don't have to worry because they only sell authentic Louis Vuitton.
  3. You can try the 1866 number and see if they can track one down for you. I am told they can see all inventory and tell you which stores still carry the stock that you want. I did the same when the Capucines first came out (they were impossible to get a hold of at the smaller boutiques). The reps are super nice and they even offered to contact the stores for me. They just tell you to have your credit card ready if and when the store decides to give up their stock.
  4. +1

    When I've been on the hunt for low stock items, I called the 866 # and they were SO helpful.
    And I agree - Yoogis has them pretty often in excellent condition.
  5. I got my "old" GM yesterday from my local store. I'm totally with you on the interior.


  6. Yes!! I love that interior. So glad you tracked one down!
  7. I snapped an old style mm de from the UK website after stalking it for a few days and seeing 'call to purchase' it arrived yesterday. Sadly I'm away with work so can't unbox it!!

  8. Could I buy from the UK website in the US? Do you have to pay import taxes or anything?

    The price of the neverful in France with the vat tax back would have saved me over $200 but sadly there were none to be found.

    The one you got from the UK, was it made in France or Spain or the US?
  9. I purchased my DE NF MM from Nordies in Chicago (Feb. this year.) Not sure if they still have the older version, but it worth a try. I'd try to avoid eBay...too risky. As others mentioned, Yoogi's is very reputable and their prices are not outrageous. GL, hope you find one!
  10. Oh no, I would've been so disappointed! I'm sorry OP. Definitely call the 866 number. It's sold out online and says to call for availability. The picture is still there unlike the others, so maybe they can track one down for you. The item number is N51105 for the older style in the MM size. If you do decide to buy from a reseller, make sure that they have a return policy. I'd personally buy this particular bag new so that it's in your purchase history just in case you need a repair in the future. I've never had issues getting a preloved bag repaired but some have, better safe than sorry. Not everyone but many have had cracking issues with the straps that needed repair. Good luck OP.
  11. +1

    But just be prepared to wait a long time. I did a product request about 6 weeks ago and still have not heard if it has arrived in the US from Canada. One popped into the LV website about 10 days ago, and I bought it there (mono trunks and locks mini pochette accessories).

    What I recommend is to call the 866 number, ask them to search for it (they will search all of the US and Canada), and ask to be transferred to a store that has it. Work directly with the store to insure that you get it quickly. Also, if you ask the reps at the 866, they will talk to the store to make sure that you get free shipping (at least they have done that for me). If it is available at the flagship store in Las Vegas, Fernando F. is awesome! If they have it at the Neiman Marcus LV, Dianna M. is awesome!

    Good luck! Let us know when you receive it!
  12. I don't think you can buy from another country's website.
    I swear I've seen this on another thread for another item they wanted and they wanted to purchase from the France website to make sure they get a France item.. umm but it couldn't be done. Sorry.
    I'd check reseller sites.
  13. Call all the LV boutiques located inside of Saks' stores. That's where I found the classic nf mm in mono that I wanted (early March). I posted all of the phone numbers in another thread for someone else (if you go to my page you can find it by reading through all of my prior posts). While I'm doubtful you'll find a MIF, you may get lucky and find a new MIA or MIS. You just have to be diligent! Good luck :smile:

  14. I'm not at home at the moment so not sure where it's made, either France or Spain. The website is now showing the 'call to purchase' but I'm sure if you spoke to your SA or called LV they could locate one in the USA and ship to you or your store?

  15. Calling the 866 # was successful, my local store has one! I'm going to see it today.

    I imagine it will be "made in USA" but I guess that's okay.