Discontinued LV lines...

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  1. Discontinued LV lines... do they all increase in value once they're no longer available in stores?
    For instance, do Stephen Sprouse graffiti items or Murakami panda items resell well these days?
    I'm thinking of buying an item from the perforated line, but I always get bored with what I buy... so would I be able to resell it well later if I don't like it anymore?
    Thinking of a small pochette...
    Does any of you regret buying a trendy piece that they no longer find appealing now?
    Discuss! lol :shame:
  2. When the lines get discontinued, their price tend to go up. For instance, the Cerises, the cherry blossom and the panda items are now selling for quite a bit more than they originally were in the stores..

    I say if you have the money, buy it. I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to sell it later, with profit!
  3. Like what I said.......buy signature and understated items. LV always produce new designs.....so most designs last for one season except for monogram canvas and Suhali range. To me...if you love the bag and have the money, why not go and buy?? Even if the design last for one season...u'll never know when you can wear them again. Like LV...the new multi-colore handbags in fur for fall/winter. So those who have the multi-colore range, you can wear them again for fall/winter.
  4. Thanks!
    I'm also very interested in finding out more about previous lines... It's so fascinating... There are plenty I'd forgotten about... like the conte de fées line... it wasn't so long ago!

  5. Not necessarily. Keep in mind that some bags/lines get discontinued for the simple reason that they weren't popular.

    Sellers of discontinued bags might like to use the "discontinued" factor to increase their price, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there will be buyers rushing to line up for it.

    In the end, a buyer doesn't buy a bag for the sole reason that it's discontinued. A buyer buys a bag if they like the bag itself.
  6. Conte de Fees seems to be selling for under retail value now.. doesn't seem to have gone up in price. The Robert Wilson bags don't seem to be very overpriced either.

  7. Hello Ayla!!!:smile:
    Can you remember how much the Conte de Fees Pochette retailed?I'm probably buying one in almost new conditions for about 280 $ and comparing this price to the others on Ebay it seems quite good to me....???:wacko:
    Thanx, Stefy :biggrin:
  8. I thought they retailed for much more than that, I'm not sure of the exact pricing though. You can try emailing Vuitton.com support and maybe they can help you out ?
  9. Oh, I forgot to add one thing: a genuine buyer doesn't buy a bag for the sole reason that it's discontinued. :biggrin:
  10. When the line is discontinued then the price usually goes up.
  11. Of course :amuse:
    I seem to understand that some lines are way less popular than others... like the patchwork one, or maybe even the trompe l'oeil...
    I could be wrong. It's fun looking up all this info!
  12. Lately I've noticed the current trends on eBay:

    -Fuschia Vernis has dropped in value a little due to the introduction of Frambois.

    -Discontinued Vernis styles (ie. Columbus, Forsyth, Spring Street) have high resale

    -Graffiti has relative high resale

    -The market for Cherry Blossom has slowed down on eBay. Not a good time for selling.

    -Conte De Fees is not holding its value (in terms of high resale)

    -The Panda market appears stagnant; not much buying and selling activity

    -There is still a demand for Cerise items especially the Speedy and Cles; they are holding their value

    Considering the market trend, the perforated pochette will hold its value (esp. the fuschia) once it is discontinued but not sure about really high resale
  13. Thanks for those observations, that was very informative :nuts: In an ideal world (read: money is not an object), I'd pick up a cerises speedy, red/cream CB retro, panda pochette and the spring street in lavender :love:
  14. I think for discontinued item the price tend to goes up a little in resale,but still depend on it's popularity(celebrity factor?) and how well it sales to start with. However, some (IMO) fug designs even in LV the price maybe not even go up in LV.
  15. I've been wanting to pick up one of each style that is, or will become discontinued for it's value later. I've been thinking of picking up a perfo fuschia speedy to keep as new and sell after discontinuation. I just picked up the framboise porte-tressor, but I will use it. I still want a cerises speedy, a panda pochette, and a cherry blossom papillon for myself too.