Discontinued Items, Colours and LE Items in stores ???

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  1. Hi, Do you think there are EVER any Discontinued Items, colours and LE items in stores. Imagine if there was like one Graffiti bag left in a store somewhere, wouldnt it be great to find it. Has anyone ever saw anything or heard about anything ?. Thanks :nuts: ;)
  2. well. i heard they burn bags, so. no...?
  3. Yea, I've heard they burn bags after a while also. So after a couple years, if they don't sell, they get sent "home" and destoried. Although, I have heard that Japan has Graffiti Keepalls floating around... But it could just be a rumor
  4. i wonder too....ask in store SA they always just said "seasonal" items sold out is sold out. never really search.....
  5. They send them from store to store so you never really know what will show up where. Some people have found the discontinued bronze vernis color even now in their store's stock. It never hurts to ask what they have.
  6. :shocked: :shocked: :throwup: :throwup: :shocked: AAH!!

    What a sin!
    i had no idea ..now I'm going to have nitemares
  7. Bags rarely, if ever, get burned.
    They are given more than enough time to sell by being sent around from store to store for a few years, then finally offered to the SAs at an 80% discount. And LV never overproduces their pieces anyway, hence the reason there is so much demand for their pieces, yet few to go around. So I wouldn't worry about it.
  8. I don['t care about LE or discontinued items, I'm always able to get one from the boutique. btw, the montreal boutique has a lot of mandarin epi bags left, a red vernis bedford, 2 miroirs, a perfo, charms, embossed stephen, leopard bags...etc.
  9. Totally true :yes:

  10. OMG I cant believe this!! I'm sure its just a rumor!:wtf:
  11. I found a discontinued bronze 4 key holder brand new at the Boston store, then I also found a discontinued Indigo pochette wallet there too!! It was all they had left and I couldn't believe I lucked out like that!
  12. i just got the very last myrtille speedy 25 in the world because it was discontinued. the 866 person told me it was the very last one.
  13. i shall keep dreaming to have some of the bags pop up instore ..... :roflmfao:
  14. It's not.
  15. Thanks for the info LVBabydoll! Your very informative!