Discontinued Grooms wallet

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  1. Hi. I just have a question about the discontinued grooms collection wallets, I want to double check if Louis Vuitton got this zippy organiser with white and red stripes on their previous collection? I thought the zippy organiser only comes in the green and white stripes and the Sarah wallet has the red and white, I didn't know they got the zippy organiser in the white and red. Anybody recognised this particular wallet back then? thank you!

  2. I'm pretty positive the groom organizer only came in green. That is correct. Red would be counterfeit in that style.

    This line was very heavily counterfeited.
  3. +1
  4. Thank you so much for the response, I had the exact same thought.
  5. I have it in other color
    it is an organizer - a little wider than the zipper wallet

  6. yeah, which one do you have?
  7. How scary is that wallet legitimately looks authentic! :shocked: