Discontinued finds - Bellevue gm vs wilshire gm

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  1. Hi everyone, I'd appreciate some expert advise. I love both of these styles and have wanted them for some time. I've checked out the clubhouse etc and still can't decide.

    Both are available in amarante for roughly the same price. Both excellent condition

    Which would you choose and why? And are the handles stiff on the wilshire gm? I have the pm in pomme and can imagine it getting pretty painful if the bag is full.

    Thanks in advance
  2. My friend has the Wilshire GM in Amarante and I think it's gorgeous. I prefer the Wilshire since it is all vernis.
  3. Thank you, yeah I love the idea of having no vachetta but I'm worried that the vernis handles might be painful
  4. I forgot to mention that she said they're comfortable. This is her main bag right now in her rotation.
  5. I think wilshire is prettier. But bellevue has zipper. Maybe decide if u need a zipper bag ?
  6. Oh that's really good to hear, thank you :biggrin:
  7. Very true! I was hoping that because the gm is quite big, it'd take a lot for someone to reach in and grab something. I could maybe put a scarf on the top too!
  8. Bellevue :smile:
  9. I dont have it, but i like bellevue gm. I dont have any reasons but i just like the look of it. Good luck on deciding.
  10. Thank you :biggrin:

    Thank you. Its lovely isn't it! My mother has chosen wilshire and DBF prefers Bellevue haha. If only I could have both!
  11. Bellevue GM's zipper top tend to bump into things while carried. Wilshire GM has a straighter shape from top to bottom, which is less of a problem except it has a hook top and no vachetta but the straps would be more comfy on the Bellevue.
  12. Thank you for your advice! Do you mean because of the bucket shape that the top bangs into things? It's quite an unusual shape