Discontinued Epi Colors

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  1. Does anyone know the years that Epi Kenyan Fawn and Epi Moka were discontinued?


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  2. I'm thinking that they were discontinued around 1998/2000 although both were very popular colours during the 90's.
  3. Thanks! Doing some cataloging and trying to find dates.
  4. Actually MOKA was created in 2000 and definitely around at least through 2004 as I have a couple of pieces I bought through that time period. I'm thinking the Kenyan Fawn was discontinued around the time frame you stated.
  5. I'm thinking of other colours like Borneo Green, Toledo Blue, Red (just called Red), and Tassil Yellow being released, available, and then discontinued around the time of Kenyan Fawn (I know that those were long running colours that were discontinued around 1998/2000). Moka must have been released afterwards along with other colour 'replacements' like Myrtille Blue and Rouge Red during the early to mid 2000's then.
  6. I have a Moka Dhanura pm with a 2004 date code 1467746996167.jpg

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