Discontinued Dooney & Bourke - HELP!

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  1. Sorry, I don't remember that one. Someone was really mean to the purse on that auction :boxing:
  2. You can find it sometimes at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. It's an IT bucket bag. The bag in the auction is authentic but the canvas has yellow staining. That can't be fixed at all and has been a problem for other white IT bags.
  3. I found it in one of my old catalogs, it is a North/South bucket bag, from the IT collection....has one inside pocket, one cell pocket, one key hook, and retailed for $185.00. Hope that helps....and yes it is yellowing, I stay away from the IT collection because of the yellowing..I have a purse along with 2 other items..I just sent back..it's a shame becuz...I really liked that collection.
  4. That bag was from the "IT Chain" collection. It came out around two years ago. It was only around for a limited time... like the IT Tapestry collection.