Discontinued Dilemma ;-(

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  1. I've been looking for a spring bag for this lovely weather in Canada (yeah right...still soo cold and rainy) Anyway
    Now i am down to 2 lovely but too bad they were discontinued a while ago.

    What would you ladies out there choose between

    1. Neverfull Stephen sprouse


    2. Galliera Pm in either Mono or DA


    P.s thats tooo bad I cant get them new ;-(
  2. Brandoff has a Galliera PM listed now in great condition. I got mine from him and am super happy with it.
  3. Stephen sprouse neverfull
  4. Galleria DA. Perfect spring bag and yes this weather stinks, fellow Ontarian.
  5. He has a mono and a DA listed - which one were you referring to?
  6. Stephen Sprouse NF for me!
  7. The mono. The DA is listed in fair condition with yellowing on the canvas
  8. If you can get it in excellent condition, buy the Galliera DA.
  9. Galliera. Not a big fan of the Stephen Sprouse
  10. galliera!!👍
  11. Galliera in mono
  12. I'd Definitely go for the galliera, it's so classy! I love it in azur but not too keen on it once it develops a darker patina
  13. Mono galliera gets my vote!!!
  14. Stephen Sprouse NF :love:
  15. Thanks ladies for all your help.
    Im not a big fan of DA though. I only have DE AND MONO but i found myself looking at DA often now days.
    Will DA go yellowish though?

    I dont mind the patina.

    I love when it turn honey color.

    I think i would go crazy if i get her new.

    Have no clue how to take care of the vachetta there ;)