Discontinued Colored Tassels

  1. I am having a heck of a time getting tassel colors that have been discontinued from balny (particulary 05 colors)? Do anyone else have any suggestions? I really don't know if anyone else that carries tassels. TIA :yes:
  2. They've never had any of the colors I've wanted but I was told "Don't give up", I guess meaning that they'll get more in. I don't think you can get them anywhere else so I'd keep checking back.
  3. I'd like to know too. I need more rouge theatre tassels.
  4. I not only need 05 tassels but my brand new 07 Cafe day has the worst tassels. All of them even the extras have split and BalNY is out of them. I keep calling. They know my name as soon as I ask.
  5. Me to Z & J. I'm getting really frustrated with the whole tassel thing, and they know it to. I was going to start getting extra sets with every new bag I get, but they don't even have new color tassels in...urrgh it's so frustrating.

  6. What colors DO they have, I wonder?
  7. I placed an order for Aqua in City for my friend yesterday. I asked for extra pair of tassels and they didn't have it. They said they didn't have any tassels for new colors and maybe check back again in 2 weeks. I bought Blue India tassels, which is 06 F/W, from them just 1.5 weeks ago.

    BTW I bought my BI First from Nordies and when I got it, the tassels had already splited half way. :crybaby:
  8. I have a question: how many tassels do you get when you buy tassels, and are they wrapped in plastic, like the extras that come with the bags? And the cost? $5? Thanks in advance!
  9. I need 05 colors ...
  10. Daphne got me '05 turquoise, bubblegum and calcaire but no eggplant.
  11. Can you glue the tassles with leather glue or something? Coach told me that is what I can do with the tassles that split on my hobo. I haven't tried it though.
  12. I have the same problem on my Cafe City too!! Anyone knows a way to keep them from splitting? Or is this just a natural occurrance? Thanks!
  13. When did she get you 05 colors??
    I need 05 black 05 Turquoise, magenta and eggplant:sad:
  14. Yeah I called Bal for some 05 tassels...they had none of the ones I need, I REALLY:cursing: need Chocolate, pumpkin, wine and rose 04
  15. Yes, you can. The tassles on my Emerald First started to split, so I went to Hobby Lobby (you can go to any craft store) and bought some leather glue. It's ideal for flexible leather, and it won't get stiff and crack when it dries. It worked like a charm. I am usually hesitant about DIY fixes, but this was goof proof.