Discontinued color question

  1. Has Hermes EVER reissued a color after taking it out of production for a couple years? Or does the term "no longer in production" imply a permanent discontinuation. Not to be swayed by SO,PO, etc. Does anyone know? TIA!
  2. to the best of my knowledge "no longer in production" implies permanent discontinuation for stock and but can theoretically be special ordered. they dont really reissue so much as they rename a tweaked color. blue sapphire evolved to blue brighton for example
  3. Yes, they do. Rouge vif is just an example, the first that springs to mind, but there are many. And as has been said, some seem to return with just a name change. With Hermes it's never say never.

    'No longer in production' is often used to mean 'not in current production for the current or next few collections', but it rarely means never ever again.
  4. Another example is Jaune? It seems to have made a resurgance again of late but in limited production
  5. This makes a lot of sense. Imagine if the lot of the dye they use has changed, for example, that would cause a slight change in shade - and that would in turn probably call for a new color name, wouldn't it?
  6. Interesting. My local SA saw my violet croc and said that the violet poro now seems lighter in tone than what he had seen previously. Perhaps the quality of the skins affect how the dye is absorbed as well...
  7. It is.

    And even between different types of croc skins there may be some shade variation. I've seen differences between porosus and niloticus, too.
  8. The old Bleu Roi and Blue Brighton are remarkably similar, moreso IMO than Bleu Saphir & BB-I had a Kelly in Bleu Roi Chevre and the color is remarkably similar to BB in Chevre. Nothing has come close to Bleu Saphir in its brighter manifestation (not in Chevre or Box, but in Fjord, Lizard, Clemence) yet, although I'm sure something similar will come along again down the road (hoping).

    On the topic of Jaune, hasn't Saffron croc made a re-appearance for this upcoming season after a short absence as well?
  9. My SA said that H always MIGHT resurface a "no longer in production color", but it can't even be special ordered unless they are producing it somewhere....like if a little leaf on a key chain is vert cru, then you could special order vert cru....but if they are not producing it for anything....you can't SO.