Discontinued Chelsea?

  1. I read on the forum recently that the chelsea is discontinued. Maybe that is why it was so hard to get of ElUX-they never had any........
    Just wondering, does anyone know?
  2. I have not heard of the bag being discontinued. I think the reason that Elux doesn't have any, is because they only get one or two at a time. When it's on their site, it sells out quickly. Keep checking. I got mine from Elux. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the info-but I also got mine from elux after a long wait and checking daily...... a friend (FROM ANOTHER STATE) wants one and you can't beat the NO sALESTAX , we'll just have to keep looking. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
  4. You should be able to find one at the boutique or the 866 number. I think it's just more limited in availability, but it's not discontinued.
  5. I have not read or seen any emails/memos of The Chelsea being discontinued. But if I do, I'll gladly let you know. (I doubt that'll ever happen...)

    I know there are some shortages going on right now... but nothing to do with The Damier collection at all...
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