Discontinued cadenas?

  1. Ladies,

    How much would you pay for a discontinued cadenas that you absolutely adored? Also, has anyone ever heard of being able to resurface them to get rid of scratches?

    I did do a search, but did not find the answer to #2, and am curious to see what others think is a reasonable price for a very unusual cadenas. Thank you!:smile: :heart:
  2. I'm not sure what market prices are on various cadenas, but I'd pay US$500 for a Sterling watering can.

    Of course if another member said she'd pay US$525, I'd probably come back with $550, or at least $540 ;)
  3. Thank you, coco-nut. I was wondering if I was crazy to pay $500 or more, but I like the older ones better.:smile: I've seen one or two sterling, but they go upwards of $800!
  4. Upwards of $800? That's probably why I don't have one then! I think I'll be chasing them upwards forever. :sweatdrop:
  5. LOL...I hear ya Coco-nut!!!^^
  6. I feel the same way. They're so pretty, but for a CADENAS??? Yikes!:nuts:
  7. Where's s'mom on this issue? I thought she had a rare harp cadenas....?:sos: :search:
  8. Yep! Got the harp and a Snail is on its way thanks to a very good friend who spied it right away....I think these older and rare ones are always going to be pricey.....Look at the prices right now on eBay! But I think if you do a worldwide search on eBay you might be surprised to find a few at somewhat reasonable prices popping up now and then....

    I'd love to find a palladium Lion one of these days....it seems THAT one is about as rare as the Lantern!!!!
  9. Yay! Shopmom!

    You got the snail!!!!

    $500 is reasonable for the rare ones over two years old I think!

    Lady Emma,

    Perhaps a good jeweler could shine it up for you? I don't know if Hermes would.
  10. I'd have a hard time with $800 so I guess it's a good thing I'm sterling-silver averse (too lazy to polish). I will pay upwards of $500 for an older cadena which I've had to do with my harp and snail, but they're so worth it to me as they're among my favorites. I should have snapped up that lion when Timeless Pieces had it; I've learned my lesson...on a go-forward basis, I'm buying one every year (assuming I'm fond of the design) and not waiting until they disappear! :smile:
  11. If H can resurface a belt buckle, don't know why they couldn't do a cadenas, but I will ask next time I go in.
  12. I just grabbed the Chinese Lantern and felt lucky to pick it up short of $500. I do think that the older ones are pricey but worth it if you'll use 'em. Haven't received my lantern but the lion is my current fav (of course it is the year of DS birth). I am on the lookout for the harp and snail now.
    Lady Emma ~ I too am curious about getting any scratches out.
  13. Whoa Sus! Congratulations! The lantern is so difficult to find!
  14. I just paid US$550.00 for a Lion (1997) and US$525.00 for a Harp/Lyre (1996) cadenas. But for some reason Pegasus (1993) only cost me US$285.00. I am guessing because some are more rare than others.:shrugs:
    With regards to getting the scratches out, I think any jeweller can do it. Ring one up and ask them.
  15. Irene, I think the Pegasus one was re-issued at some point which is why although it's older, it's more prevalent than the Lion (congrats!) & the Harp.